What icing do you use for cake toppers?

Roll-out icing works best and is also known as sugar paste or fondant. You can also use Royal icing, butter-cream or glace icing. The icing on your cake or cupcakes can be any colour, but as the topper is made from very thin icing, dark colours like milk chocolate may not always be suitable.

What icing is used to make figures?

Fondant is great for making little figurines or cutting out decorations for cakes, cupcakes and cookies. For assembling figurines and fondant decorations, you can use water or buttercream frosting to adhere pieces together.

Can you use fondant icing for Modelling?

You can certainly make figures just from fondant icing, but sometimes for more intricate or larger models you may need a product that sets a little harder. One option is to mix together fondant and flower paste in a 50/50 mix.

What is used to make cake figures?

What tools do I use?

  1. A sugarcraft tool kit for shaping your fondant.
  2. A decorating brush set – you can use these to paint a design onto your cake if you’d like to, but I mostly use mine to paint on a little water to stick various parts of my figures together.

What kind of fondant to use for cake modeling?

Some decorators even swear by working with modeling chocolate mixed with fondant 50/50 to be a great medium in warmer weather. Keeping a diary and planning your time around a particularly detailed cake is really helpful. At the beginning of each working week we have a meeting to discuss what cakes are due, when, how big, what the details are, etc.

How long does it take to make a fondant cake?

We spend, on average, 1 hour – 3 hours on a figure depending on its complexity. We custom color all of our fondant and gum paste, then sit down with a few photographs of what we are required to copy and keep working until we’re 100% happy.

How did I make the cars cake taller?

When I made the Cars cake, Mac (the lorry) turned out taller than I’d expected as I simply couldn’t squeeze the detail onto something smaller. So I could still have it coming out of a tunnel on the side of the cake, I simply made an extra layer of sponge when I was baking, making the cake taller and meaning that Mac was the perfect size.

What’s the best way to work with fondant?

If you’re in a warm climate or you naturally have hot hands, make sure you’re working in a cool environment, keep a fan close by or even chilled towels and a bag of ice! A little sprinkling of tylo or CMC powder in your fondant can also help make it a little more stable to work within hotter conditions.