What is a 22REC engine?

Background. Toyota’s 22R series 2.4-liter engine debuted in 1981, with the fuel-injected 22RE arriving in 1982. The 22REC denoted the engine met all California emissions requirements. The 22RE and 22REC engines generated 105 to 112 horsepower and 187 foot-pounds to 192 foot-pounds of torque, depending on the model year …

Is the 22RE engine good?

The 22re is an extremely reliable motor. But it does seriously lack power.

What size motor is a 22R?

2.4 L
The 2-valve SOHC 2.4 L (2,366 cc) 22R was produced from 1981 through 1997. Cylinder bore and stroke was 92 mm × 89 mm (3.62 in × 3.50 in). Initial output was 72 kW (97 hp; 98 PS) at 4,800 rpm and 174 N⋅m (128 lb⋅ft) at 2,800 rpm.

How much horsepower does a 22RE Turbo have?

A stock 22RE engine puts out around 116 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque.

How much power can a 22R make?

You can get 200HP out of a 22re.

Can you supercharge a 22RE?

You can run a turbo or supercharger on a stock motor with a factory EFI unit, but you must limit the boost to 4-6 lbs. The factory computer (22RE/2RZ/3RZ) just does not have the capacity to retard the timing and add enough fuel to properly manage a high boost supercharger or turbocharger.

Can you turbo a 22R?

If you are considering a supercharger or turbocharger for your 22R or 22RE engine, there are a few things you should know. You can run a turbo or supercharger on a stock motor with a factory EFI unit, but you must limit the boost to 4-6 lbs.

How long do 22R engines last?

22R and 22RE are one of the most reliable engines out there very easy to get over 200K without blinking an eye.

How do I get more horsepower out of my 22R?

Top 6 22R/RE Proven Performance Upgrades

  1. Header. A header (exhaust manifold) is one of the best “bang for your buck” bolt-on performance upgrades for your 22R series engine.
  2. Cold Air Intake. A great compliment to a header upgrade is a cold air intake kit.
  3. Electric Fan Kit.
  4. Cylinder Head.
  5. Big Bore Throttle Body.
  6. Flywheel.

What’s the difference between 22R and 22RE?

Another point of confusion is the difference between the 22R and 22RE engines. The 22R is carbureted while the 22RE is fuel injected. The long blocks however are identical. The long block is the block, with internal parts, and cylinder head. The parts that swapped over from the old engine dictate whether the engine will be a 22R or 22RE.

What is the compression on a Toyota 22R engine?

The 22R engine features a cast-iron block and aluminum cylinder head with the single overhead camshaft (SOHC) and two valves per cylinder (8 in total). Compression ratio rating is 9.0:1. Cylinder bore and piston stroke are 92.0 mm (3.62 in) and 89.0 mm (3.5 in), respectively.

What is horsepower a Toyota 22R engine have?

The 22R-TE engine produced 137 PS (101 kW; 135 HP) at 4,800 rpm of maximum horsepower and 234 N·m (23.9 kg·m, 172 ft·lb) at 2,800 rpm of peak torque. The breakdown of the engine code is as follows: Aug 18 2019

Are the 20R and 22R engines interchangeable?

Yes they are as far as bolting Up all the same. People are always mixing the 22r block with the 20r head for more power.