What is a basso buffo quizlet?

basso profundo. vocal line that imitates the rhythms and pitch fluctuations of speech. recitative. person who beats time, indicates expression, cues in musicians, and controls the balance among instruments and voices.

What is an opera singer that has a very low range and takes on dignified roles?

In general, a bass is the lowest and darkest of the male voices and is ideal for several types of roles. The word bass comes from the Italian word basso, which means low. Some singers in this category are referred to as bass-baritones because they have voices that range between the bass and the baritone voice.

Why is Bach’s Concerten No 5 unusual quizlet?

Why is Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 unusual? It gives a solo role to the harpsichord. -The first and last movements of concerti grosso are often in ritornello form, a form that features the alternation between tutti and solo sections.

What are embellishments music quizlet?

ornaments or embellishments are musical flourishes that are not necessary to carry the overall line of the melody (or harmony), but serve instead to decorate or “ornament” that line.

What does basso buffo mean?

bass singer
: a bass singer of comic roles in opera.

What new vocal style did members of the Camerata create?

1600 – 1750 A.D. To this end, the Camerata members invented the stile rappresentativo, or what today is most commonly called recitative (pronounced retch-eet-ah-teev). This was a form of singing that sought to mimic the natural cadence and rhythms of speech, most often accompanied only by the basso continuo.

What is the most common female voice type?

Soprano: this is the highest singing voice, with the highest tessitura. It is also the most common female voice.

What three solo instruments are featured in Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No 5?

In this work the soloists are flauto (flute) and violino (violin) and sometimes the cembalo (harpsichord). The ripieno is a string ensemble, violino (violin), viola, violoncello (cello) and contrabasso (double bass).

Which instrument was the favorite of composers during the Baroque period?

At that time the harpsichord had become popular as an instrument for solo performance and for accompanying singers. It was favored in part because its sound was not unlike that of the lute, which in both the Renaissance and early Baroque periods was the most common domestic instrument in use throughout Europe.

What musical texture was favored in the early Baroque period?

homophonic texture
Early baroque composers favored homophonic texture over the polyphonic texture typical of Renaissance music.

What is an embellishment quizlet?

Terms in this set (10) Embellish. To beautify. Petulant. Showing sudden irritation.

What are the tempo markings of a concerto grosso?

The concerto grosso most often has three movements whose tempo markings are fast, slow, fast The first and last movements of the concerto grosso are often in _____ form. ritornello

What is the name of the bass part of the orchestra?

A bass part together with numbers (figures) that specify the chords to be played above it is called basso continuo The orchestra evolved during the baroque period into a performing group based on instruments of the ________ family. violin The word “movement” in music normally refers to

What does the term affection mean in Baroque music?

Affections in baroque usage refers to emotional states or moods of music A baroque musical composition usually expresses _________ within the same movement. one basic mood The baroque principle of _______ may be temporarily suspended in vocal music when drastic changes of emotion in a text inspires corresponding changes in the music.