What is a Commodore 64 computer worth?

Commodore 64 value when tested working A working Commodore 64 is worth around $100 today. An unworking or untested one is worth much less, closer to $35. A tested, working Commodore 64 with all necessary cables and power supply is worth around $100.

Do Commodore computers still exist?

The company developed and marketed the world’s best-selling desktop computer, the Commodore 64 (1982), and released its Amiga computer line in July 1985….Commodore International.

Founders Jack Tramiel and Manfred Kapp
Defunct April 29, 1994
Fate Bankruptcy
Headquarters 1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States 19380

Who made Commodore computers?

Jack Tramiel
Commodore International/Founders
But one name that certainly belongs in that group is Jack Tramiel, the founder of Commodore Business Machines (and later, CEO of Atari). As the man behind the PET, the Vic-20 and the Commodore 64–which may be the best-selling personal computer of all time–Tramiel may have had more influence than anyone.

Are old Commodore computers worth anything?

Commodore Business Machines debuted its Commodore 64 back in 1982. It ended up being the best-selling computer in the company’s history. Today, one in mint condition could sell for nearly $1,200.

What was the first personal computer?

A small firm named MITS made the first personal computer, the Altair. This computer, which used Intel Corporation’s 8080 microprocessor, was developed in 1974.

Who owns the Commodore logo?

That’s where things stood until March, when Massimo Canigiani and Carlo Scattolini registered Commodore Business Machines Limited in the UK. The Italian entrepreneurs claim to have acquired rights for the brand and trademark in the mobile industry in 38 countries, including the US.

Why did Commodore computers fail?

For all its success and its valiant failures, Commodore was ultimately doomed. And the reason for this, according to Pleasance, is the fact that the business never had a coherent business plan. And the problem was, after Jack Tramiel left, none of them had any knowledge of the computer business.

Who made Amiga?

Commodore International
Amiga Corporation

How much is a VIC 20 worth?

PriceCharting Index: Vic-20

Title Loose Price CIB Price
Vic-20 Console $53.70 $118.15
Abductor $3.29 $7.26
Adventure Land $6.66 $14.99
Aggressor $10.63 $20.02