What is a petis Udang in English?

Petis udang, also known as otak udang is a black coloured shrimp paste in Indonesia and Malaysia. Petis udang is a version of shrimp/prawn paste used in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. This thick black paste has a molasses like consistency instead of the hard brick like appearance of belacan.

How do you make Heiko?

In Chinese it’s known as Hei Ko, and in Malay it’s called Petis Udang or Otak Udang….METHOD:

  1. Combine prawn shells and water in a blender, and blend into a coarse consistency.
  2. Transfer into a deep saucepan and bring to a boil.
  3. Strain and discard the prawn shells; transfer the liquid into another saucepan.

What is Hae Ko?

Shrimp Paste (Hae Ko) Spicy Sauce.

How do you make fermented shrimp paste?

They are first rinsed in sea water and placed on stretched mats or large wooden trays to dry under the tropical sun. Once dried, the tiny shrimps are mixed with salt and sun dried again for eight hours. They are then crushed into a paste and fermented in large wooden trays for two weeks.

How can I substitute shrimp paste?

Can’t find shrimp paste? Use 1 tbsp fish sauce for every ½ tsp shrimp paste. You can use Mediterranean-style (purple) aubergine instead of the green Thai ones in most dishes, as long as it’s not one that uses them raw. You’ll lose the authentic bitterness but the texture is similar.

What is petis English?

“petis” in English petis noun paste made from fish, shrimp, etc.

Is shrimp paste same as bagoong?

Shrimp paste contains ground-up fermented shrimp and salt. It goes by a number of names, including prawn sauce, shrimp sauce, gapi, kapi, trassi or bagoong. Some imported shrimp pastes may have preservatives added as well, but most of the brands packaged and sold in North America contain only these two ingredients.

Can shrimp paste be eaten raw?

Shrimp paste is a fairly common ingredient in many dishes from Southeast Asia and southern China. It is necessary to cook the shrimp paste before eating; it should not be eaten raw. It makes an excellent source of vitamin B and protein.

Can I use miso paste instead of shrimp paste?

If you’re buying curry paste or making your own, you may often find shrimp paste included as an ingredient. One way to replace that salty and umami taste that shrimp paste adds is to substitute in fermented soy paste or miso.

Can I replace shrimp paste with fish sauce?

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