What is a symbol of Christmas in Poland?

Christmas is a time for family feasting and resting after few days of preparing festive meals. The first star, beautiful Christmas tree and oplatek are one of symbols of Christmas in Poland. Christmas lasts three days.

What is the meaning behind the Polish flag?

The National Flag of Poland features two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red. The white color represents the hope for peace by all the people of Poland. The red color symbolizes the many struggles for freedom over the centuries. The flag has a height-to-width ratio of 5:8.

Why does the Polish flag have an eagle?

According to legend, the White Eagle emblem originated when Poland’s legendary founder Lech saw a white eagle’s nest. He was delighted and decided to settle there and placed the eagle on his emblem. He also named the place Gniezdno (currently Gniezno) from the Polish word gniazdo (“nest”).

What does the red and white on the Polish flag mean?

The Polish flag consists of two horizontal strips. The upper strip is white and the lower strip is red. While the white color in the flag represents the freedom, purity, and indulgence of the Polish people, the red color represents the blood of martyrs in the war of independence.

What is the drowning of marzanna?

The drowning of Marzanna (topienie Marzanny) The figure is braided from straw into the shape of a human and dressed in traditional local women’s clothing. The tradition started by burning the straw doll and drowned it in the river afterward.

Why do the Polish celebrate Christmas on 24th December?

Poland really loves its Christmas carols. Many Poles wait until the first star appears in the sky before sitting down to eat on 24th December. This tradition commemorates the Star of Bethlehem, which according to the New Testament guided the Wise Men to the birthplace of Christ.

What is unique about Poland?

Poland has a very diverse nature. Almost 800 km of the seashore and a few mountain chains (Tatra, Carpathian, Sudet Bieszczady and Świętokrzyskie). Poland also has the only Central-European desert, Pustynia Błędowska. There are also dunes in the Pomerania region that are a curiosity on a European scale.

What animal represents Poland?

the eagle
The most recognisable symbol of Poland is undoubtedly the eagle. The white bird adorns the nation’s crest, is found on its currency, adorns the uniforms of its football stars, and gives its name to the highest honour bestowed by the state – the Order of the White Eagle.

Why does the Polish eagle look left?

After communism fell, the Polish eagle regained its crown in 1990 and was adopted as Poland’s official symbol, remaining so to this day. The bird appears on a red background that represents both the blood spilled to safeguard the Polish nation and the sunlit plains of the fatherland.

Does the Polish flag have an eagle on it?

The flag that features Poland’s white eagle set against a red shield on the white field is known as a “bandera” (ship’s flag or ensign). According to Polish flag tradition, it is meant to be flown by Polish ships at sea and by Polish diplomatic missions and other official institutions abroad.

What does Marzanna look like?

Typically the effigy or doll representing Marzanna is made of straw and dressed in traditional local costume, rags, or even bridesmaid’s clothes. Marzanna may resemble a young woman wearing a garland as well as an old crone. Village dwellers carry the effigy away from the village, often singing event-related songs.

What was the first national flag of Poland?

National colors of Poland, white and red, were first officially recognized during The November Uprising by the Sejm (the lower house) of The Kingdom of Poland. After regaining independence the Sejm of newly reborn Poland introduced white and red flag on August 1, 1919.

What do the colors of the Polish flag mean?

White: Peace and hope for all the people of Poland Moreover, there are other unofficial meanings to the colors. In Heraldry, white symbolizes purity, whereas red symbolizes courage and strength. Polish banners were traditionally red because the country used to produce the most expensive dye in Europe.

When do they raise the red and white flag in Poland?

The national flag of Poland is simple in design but still strikes a certain level of pride for many Poles all over the world. Poland has a national holiday for the flag – Flag Day, May 2nd, is a holiday set aside to celebrate the raising of the red and white flag in Berlin after the battle of Berlin.

What’s the most common Christmas tradition in Poland?

One of the typical Christmas traditions in Poland is putting bits of hay underneath the tablecloth at the Christmas Eve dinner. This is done to celebrate the birth of Jesus in a Bethlehem stable. In some parts of Poland, people used to cover the whole floor of their house with hay.