What is a Velomitor?

A velometer is a device used to measure the speed of air in a given area. Often, the amount of air flow in the environment is directly proportional to the degree of corrosion experienced by a metallic structure and the drying rate of protective paints that are used to coat such structures.

What is the difference between Velometer and accelerometer?

As nouns the difference between velometer and accelerometer is that velometer is an instrument that measures the speed of air while accelerometer is an instrument for measuring acceleration.

What is a velocity sensor?

Velocity sensors or velocimeters measure absolute casing vibration and – in combination with a trigger measurement – magnitude and phase. Velocity sensors are mounted to the measured object.

What is absolute vibration?

An absolute shaft vibration measurement provides a measure of shaft stresses whereas the relative shaft measurement relates the amount of journal bearing clearance used by vibration and the stress on the Babbitt of the bearing liner.

What is examples of velocity sensors are?

Velocity Sensors: 1) Tachometers 2) LSV 3) Piezoelectric Sensors 4) Accelerometer Sensor. 4. Tachometers: A most important device that is used to provide velocity feedback is the tachometer.

What is velocity pickup?

The velocity pickup is a very popular transducer or sensor for monitoring the vibration of rotating machinery. As the coil is forced through the magnetic field by vibratory motion, a voltage signal representing the vibration is produced.

What’s the difference between a velomitor and an accelerometer?

Bently-Nevada’s Velomitor is actually an accelerometer with a built-in integrator circuit to generate a voltage signal proportional to velocity (v = dx/dt). By contrast, a “normal” vibration probe such as Bently-Nevada “proximitor” probes generate a signal proportional to distance (gap) between the probe tip and the rotating machine’s shaft.

What can a velomitor CT transducer be used for?

The Velomitor CT Transducer can measure vibration amplitudes at these frequencies as well as the vibration frequencies generated by the fan motor and speed reducer. If you are measuring a machine housing to determine where to install transducers, consider what kinds of data you need to obtain.

What does the Bently Nevada 330500 velomitor measure?

The Bently Nevada 330500 Velomitor measures absolute (relative to free space) bearing housing, casing, or structural vibration.

How are velomitor piezo-velocity sensors different from moving coils?

Unlike moving-coil velocity transducers, such as the Bently Nevada Seismoprobe family of velocity transducers, Velomitor Piezo-velocity sensors are specialized piezoelectric accelerometers that incorporate embedded integrated electronics in a solid-state design.