What is a Wurlitzer baby grand piano worth?

What is the average Wurlitzer piano worth? You can expect to pay/sell your piano between $600 at the low end and $1500 at the high end. This is providing it’s a Wurlitzer acoustic piano. Console pianos will be more towards the $1500 end, and the spinet pianos will be cheaper.

Are Wurlitzer baby grand pianos any good?

Wurlitzer pianos are considered to be extremely durable. Wurlitzer pianos may not be considered to be on the same level as Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or Yamaha but they are considered to be solid instruments. A good middle ground between quality and value.

How much does a Wurlitzer cost?

Where are Wurlitzer pianos from?

Wurlitzer continues to manufacture jukeboxes and vending machines at its factory in Hullhorst, Germany. Wurlitzer headquarters are located in Hullhorst, and it has distribution and sales offices in Gurnee, Illinois and Oxfordshire, England.

Why did Wurlitzer go out of business?

As the demand for theater organs and automatic pianos weakened, Wurlitzer went through some difficult times. The depression of 1929 nearly put the company out of business.

How much is an old baby grand piano worth?

A baby grand piano can run you anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a used model all the way up to $100,000 or more. All pianos are not created equal and this is certainly reflected in the price, which depends on many factors, such as age, make, model etc.

How tall is a baby grand Wurlitzer piano?

Beautiful 1930’s butterfly style baby grand Wurlitzer piano and matching bench. This outstanding work of art is walnut with carved French legs. Brass more casters and three brass foot pedals. The wood impressed serial number is 176288. The piano measures about 36″ tall x 48″ wide. It is about 45″ deep from front to back.

What kind of piano does Rudolph Wurlitzer make?

This tiny, rare and unusual Wurlitzer Butterfly Grand is perfect for someone with very limited space for a baby grand piano. The famous Rudolph Wurlitzer Company was one of the largest, most successful makers of pianos and organs in American history.

When was the House of Wurlitzer in New York built?

Wurlitzer’s firm was so successful that he built “The House Of Wurlitzer”, a large factory with splendid warerooms, in 1861. During these early years, Wurlitzer manufactured organs and melodeons, but imported the majority of his other instruments from European makers which were sold under the Wurlitzer label here in America.

Who was the largest piano maker in America?

The famous Rudolph Wurlitzer Company was one of the largest, most successful makers of pianos and organs in American history. This piano is an example of one of their finest large grand piano models.