What is an ineligible receiver in football?

An “ineligible receiver” is almost always an offensive lineman. Someone else could be ineligible if he lined up directly on the line of scrimmage but not on the end of the line. As long as there’s nobody lined up outside of that guy and also on the line, he’s eligible.

How is a receiver covered up ineligible?

Anyone on the line of scrimmage but inside the right-most or left-most receiver is “covered up” and therefore ineligible to catch a pass. With seven players on the line, that leaves three remaining players in the backfield, or at least a yard off the line of scrimmage, plus the quarterback.

What is the point of ineligible receiver?

Player safety: Ineligible receivers are not allowed to progress beyond the neutral zone when a forward pass is thrown (unless the pass is behind the line of scrimmage) – this prevents offensive linemen from heading downfield at full speed before the ball is thrown.

Can you lateral to an ineligible receiver?

The other five are ineligible receivers. They cannot catch a forward pass or head downfield before the ball. But they can receive and advance a lateral. This is important.

What makes an eligible receiver?

Eligible receivers include the players on the end of the offensive line and the players who are at least a yard behind the line of scrimmage. Non-eligible receivers include most of the offensive line with the center, guards, tackles, etc.

Can the center be eligible receiver?

The center cannot declare as an eligible receiver while also being the player who snaps the ball, and being unable to line up in a permissible way.

Can an ineligible receiver catch a pass behind the line of scrimmage?

Section 1. All offensive players other than those identified in Article 5 above are ineligible to catch a legal or illegal forward pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage, including: a) Players who are not on either end of their line or at least one yard behind it when the ball is snapped.

Can lineman catch a pass?

Under almost all versions of football, offensive linemen cannot receive or touch forward passes, nor can they advance downfield in passing situations. To identify which receivers are eligible and which are not, football rules stipulate that ineligible receivers must wear a number between 50 and 79.

How many yards downfield Can a lineman go?

NFL lineman get up to 1 yard downfield before blocking someone. They can block their guy any number of yards downfield as long as they maintain contact the entire time. The rule does not create a negative impact for the offense for the offensive player performing well.

Can an offensive tackle be an eligible receiver?

In football, the tackle-eligible play is a forward-pass play in which coaches will attempt to create mismatches against a defense by inserting an offensive tackle (who is not normally allowed more than five yards down field on a forward-pass play), into an offensive formation as an eligible receiver, usually as a tight …

What happens if an ineligible receiver catches a ball?

Six of the 11 players on offense are eligible receivers and can catch a forward pass. The other five are ineligible receivers. Once the ball is caught by an eligible receiver, then the linemen can head downfield to block. Any player on offense or defense can catch a backward or lateral pass.

How do I make myself an eligible receiver?

The offensive team must have at least seven players lined up on the line of scrimmage. Of the players on the line of scrimmage, only the two players on the ends of the line of scrimmage are eligible receivers.