What is CAIS Canada?

The Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is a community of independent schools who choose to meet and exceed rigorous National Standards that inspire continuous whole school improvement. Learn More.

What is the benefit of having a red seal certificate?

The Red Seal, when affixed to a provincial or territorial trade certificate, indicates that a tradesperson has demonstrated the knowledge required for the national standard in that trade. The Red Seal endorsement promotes excellence to employers, instills pride in skilled workers, and facilitates labour mobility.

How much does private school cost in Canada?

While public schools are funded by the government, private schools in Canada can cost anywhere between 4,000 CAD (2,977 USD) to 26,000 CAD (19,349 USD) in tuition fees annually.

How many private schools are in Canada?

Canada has about 1,700 private and independent schools, with about 280,000 students.

Is Red Seal Canada wide?

Officially known as the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program, it provides a system for industries to define common, Canada-wide skill standards.

Is a Red Seal equivalent to a degree?

In many cases, achieving a certificate of qualification in a Red Seal trade is equal in value to the completion of college certification in terms of trade knowledge and skill. Red Seal-endorsed tradespeople obtain easily transferable skills, ideal for new workers interested in career development and industry mobility.

Why do international students go to Saskatchewan?

International students in Saskatchewan can take advantage of employment opportunities—both while studying and after. Many students are attracted to Saskatchewan’s post-secondary schools for their competitive Co-Op programs, which allows students to gain invaluable hands-on experience and earn money.

Are Saskatchewan schools private?

While historical high schools, associate schools, and alternate schools are eligible for provincial funding, private schools are not. Independent schools in Saskatchewan provide an education from a specific philosophical or religious perspective different from that of the public education system.

Where can I get Red Seal training in Canada?

About Us The Red Seal Training is offered by Ace Trades and Technical Institute located in Surrey, BC Canada. We are a private training provider that offers 35-42 hours of trade refresher courses, to help the candidates prepare and challenge the Inter-Provincial Red Seal Exam.

Is the Canadian seal hunt Cruelty to animals?

About the Canadian seal hunt Canada’s annual commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. Facing harsh criticism the world over because of the hunt’s cruelty and unsustainability, the Canadian government and fishing industry have spread much misinformation. Here are the basic facts about the hunt.

How many apprentices are in red seal trades in Canada?

About 80 percent of all registered apprentices in Canada are in Red Seal trades (also known as “designated trades”). 3. What Are the Various Red Seal Trades?

Why do you need a gold seal in Canada?

The mission of the Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal Program is to establish, administer and continuously improve professional certification standards for construction management excellence and through promotion of education and training, certify managers of construction against these national standards.