What is Canon Speedlite used for?

That pretty red part on the front of your Speedlite is for more than just flair, it can help you focus in the dark. Most modern Speedlites have a built-in LED light on the front of the flash that can be used to help your camera focus faster in low light.

Why is my Speedlight not firing?

First, you want to make sure both the transmitter and the receiver are set to the same CHANNEL and GROUP! It’s a good idea to check the flash to make sure it’s on the receiver trigger entirely, or that the transmitter trigger is completely on your flash. If it’s not on all the way, your flash won’t fire.

What is the difference between Speedlight and flash?

A speedlight, also called a flashgun or hot shoe flash, is an add-on flash. It can act as an on-camera flash and then as off-camera lighting. Like a strobe, a speedlight emits a short burst of light. The photographer can control the intensity of that light.

How do I sync my camera with Speedlight?

To set your camera and flash for high speed sync, go to your camera’s Custom Setting menu, then scroll to Bracketing/Flash, where you’ll see flash sync speed choices. Set the highest speed you see—it’ll be either 1/200, 1/250 or 1/320 second depending on your camera.

What is the difference between a speedlight and flash?

A speedlight is also commonly referred to as an ‘external flash’ or ‘on camera flash’. At the most basic level, a speedlight is used to add light to your photographs. Off camera flash (OCF) simply means it is triggered remotely and is not physically connected to your camera.

How do Speedlite flashes work?

When you put your speedlight into TTL mode and hold the camera shutter button halfway down, it puts out an almost unseen flash of light or “pre-flash”. Your camera’s metering system picks up the reading from the pre-flash and signals to the speedlight approximately how much power to put out to get a correct exposure.

How do I turn the flash on my canon?

To set the flash mode, press the Q button to activate the Quick Control screen. Then use the cross keys to highlight the flash setting and rotate the Main dial to cycle through the three flash settings. You also can press the Set button to display a selection screen showing all the available flash settings.

When should I use speedlight flash?

As you can see, speedlights can be a more portable, handy and convenient tool to use for lighting when compared to light sources like continuous lights or strobes. They are compact so you are more likely to take it with you and they become extremely versatile when used off-camera.