What is comfort elements?

Comfort company elements gel cushion is a polyurethane bladder with four compartments, providing optimal distribution of body-weight. Element gel cushion maintains skin integrity and seated temperature to provide maximum comfort. Its single-layer foam construction contours to user body, reducing high pressure areas.

Who makes the Halo Safety Ring?

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Brand Comfort
Material Steel
Color White
Item Weight 10 Pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation 1000 Pounds

What company is comfort?

Comfort is a brand name for fabric softener sold by Unilever in the UK and around the world. The range includes Comfort Pure (for delicate skin) and Comfort Crème (a premium brand)….Comfort (fabric softener)

Owner Unilever
Country United Kingdom
Introduced 1969
Markets Worldwide

What is a Safety Ring used for?

The Halo Safety Ring, the only patented institutional bed mobility device that prevents lateral mattress movement, and gap space in the most critical zones: 1, 2, & 3. Provides exit points for neck, head, & chest and eliminates the four most critical zones of entrapment.

What is a halo ring?

The halo setting is a ring of small accent stones, typically pavé diamonds, that encircle a larger center stone. Halo settings can be the same shape as the center stone, or they can be different, such as a cushion-cut halo circling a round diamond.

What ingredients are in comfort?

Ingredients: Comfort Concentrate Fabric Conditioner contains amongst other ingredients: 5 -15% Cationic Surfactants, <5% Perfume, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional Coumarin, Benzisothiazolinone.

Is comfort a fabric softener or detergent?

IS COMFORT A DETERGENT OR FABRIC CONDITIONER? Comfort is a fabric conditioner. For expert cleaning tips and advice on why to use fabric conditioner, Cleanipedia will have the answers.

What are halo rails?

Halo Bed Rail. The Halo Safety Ring is actually a series of grab bars at just about any angle. It provides a secure handhold for getting in or out of bed. When used on a hospital/adjustable bed, the Halo is mounted to the bed deck so that it raises and lowers with the head section.

What are pave diamonds?

Pavé is an indicator of the ring’s setting, typically referring to how the diamonds are set. When looking at a ring with a pavé setting, you’ll notice several tiny diamonds closely set together, resulting in a line – or pavement – of continuous sparkle.