What is Curad Silver Solution used for?

Effective for scrapes, cuts & minor burns.

What is antimicrobial silver wound gel used for?

DermaSyn/Ag Antibacterial Silver Wound Gel is a water-based gel wound dressing for use in the management of first and second degree burns, wounds such as stasis ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, lacerations, abrasions, skin tears, surgical incision sites, device insertion site wounds, graft sites, and donor …

How do you use a curad germ shield?


  1. Clean affected area.
  2. Adjust nozzle and spray a small amount of this product on the area 1 to 3 times daily.
  3. If used as a wet compress, keep bandage wet with solution.
  4. If covered with a sterile bandage, let dry first.

What is antimicrobial wound gel?

AnaseptĀ® Antimicrobial Skin and Wound Gel is a clear, amorphous, isotonic hydrogel that helps maintain a moist wound environment that is conducive to healing, by either absorbing wound exudate or donating moisture while delivering 0.057% broad-spectrum antimicrobial sodium hypochlorite.

Does silver gel heal wounds?

For clean wounds and closed surgical incisions, silver confers no benefit. The ideal silver formulations are nanocrystalline silver and silver-coated polyurethane sponge for negative-pressure wound therapy. Silver sulfadiazine impairs wound healing.

Why is silver good for wounds?

In other words, Dr. Ovington explains that silver impregnated products, which provide a sustained release of positively charged silver ions at the wound surface, can promote wound healing and decrease infection by killing bacteria.

How do you apply antimicrobial silver wound gel?


  1. Ingredients. Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Polymer, Cellulose Gum, Silver Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Cupric Chloride.
  2. Clean wound with water and blot dry. Apply gel beyond wound edges. Cover with bandage. Repeat every 1-3 days.
  3. Warnings. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Does silver have antimicrobial properties?

A powerful weapon against microbes. Silver is a well-documented antimicrobial, that has been shown to kill bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. It is the positively charged silver ions (Ag+) that possess the antimicrobial effect21, 22.

What is silver wound dressing?

Silver dressings are topical wound care products derived from ionic silver. These products release a steady amount of silver to the wound and provide antimicrobial or antibacterial action. The silver is activated from the dressing to the wound’s surface based on the amount of exudate and bacteria in the wound.

Can you put silver on an open wound?

Conclusions: In infected wounds, silver is beneficial for the first few days/weeks, after which nonsilver dressings should be used instead. For clean wounds and closed surgical incisions, silver confers no benefit.

Why is silver used to heal wounds?

How do you use silver gel?

How is this medicine (Silver) best taken?

  1. Do not take silver by mouth. Use on your skin only.
  2. Wash your hands before and after use.
  3. Clean affected part before use.
  4. Put on the affected part as you have been told.
  5. You may need to cover the treated area with a bandage or dressing.