What is Digi radio?

Digi XBee RF modules provide wireless connectivity in a range of protocols and form factors to support today’s low-power applications.

What are XBee devices?

XBee devices communicate with each other over the air, sending and receiving wireless messages. The devices only transfer those wireless messages; they cannot manage the received or sent data. However, they can communicate with intelligent devices via the serial interface.

What is a transmitter module?

Transmitter modules An RF transmitter module is a small PCB sub-assembly capable of transmitting a radio wave and modulating that wave to carry data. Transmitter modules are usually implemented alongside a microcontroller which will provide data to the module which can be transmitted.

What is the use of XBee module?

XBee – According to Digi “XBee modules are embedded solutions providing wireless end-point connectivity to devices. These modules use the IEEE 802.15. 4 networking protocol for fast point-to-multipoint or peer-to-peer networking.

What is a wireless receiver module?

This is the device that all of your wireless sensors connect to. Examples would be wireless motion, glassbreak, door/window sensors.

How does RF receiver module work?

This RF module is a combination of RF Transmitter and RF Receiver. The transmitter/receiver (Tx/Rx) pair operates at a frequency of 433 MHz. The RF transmitter receives serial data and transmits it wirelessly through through its RF antenna. The transmission occurs at the rate of 1 Kbps – 10 Kbps.

What are the Digi sub 1 GHz RF modules?

Digi offers a variety of pre-certified RF modules and modems for embedded designs. The Digi XBee® Sub-1 GHz series of modules are available in through-hole and SMT form factors and offer multiple interfaces including point-to-multipoint and DigiMesh® on both 900MHz and 868 MHz frequencies.

What are the Digi XBee 2.4 GHz RF modules?

The Digi XBee® 2.4 GHz series of modules are available in through-hole and SMT form factors and offer multiple interfaces including 802.15.4, Zigbee® and DigiMesh®. Additional RF modules are available for applications in noisy, urban and remote environments that require long-range. Digi XBee is more than a module.

What do you need to know about the Digi XBee ecosystem?

The complete Digi XBee ecosystem includes modules, code libraries, the award-winning tool suite, Digi XBee Tools, as well as IoT gateways and Digi Remote Manager to connect your XBee network to the Internet and perform ongoing monitoring and management.

How does one socket work with Digi XBee?

One socket allows you to connect to IoT networks around the globe. With the authentic Digi XBee footprint, you can future-proof your design and know that Digi has you covered for new carrier technologies as they emerge.