What is EPP in NKEA?


What are NKEA sectors?

The 12 NKEAs selected are: Oil, Gas and Energy; Palm Oil; Financial Services; Tourism; Business Services; Electronics and Electrical; Wholesale and Retail; Education; Healthcare; Communications Content and Infrastructure; Agriculture; and Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley.

What are the 2 components in nkea which related to agriculture?

DEFINITION OF THE PALM OIL NKEA The plantations segment includes seed nursery, planting, harvesting, collecting and milling. The second segment includes refining, bulking and trading activities. The remaining two downstream segments are non-food downstream as well as food- and health-based downstream.

What is nkea?

Launched on 21 September 2010, it is a comprehensive economic transformation plan to propel Malaysia’s economy into high income economy. Various sectors for development have been identified and are called National Key Economic Areas (NKEA).

What is Entry Point Project Malaysia?

The Economic Transformation Programme was launched with 131 Entry Point Projects (EPPs). The National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) are the engines of growth, while the Entry Point Projects are the spark plugs that will fire up these engines, to a new level of performance.

What is Nkra Malaysia?

The National Key Results Areas (NKRAs) under the GTP were identified to improve the socio-economic growth of Malaysia. Each NKRA is headed by a Ministry and the Minister is subject to the Ministerial Key Result Area (MKRA), which is a direct measurement of the targets to the outcome.

What is AgroFood Malaysia?

AgroFood Facility is a financing facility to increase agrofood production for Malaysia and for export purposes through the provision financing at affordable terms.

What is National Commodity Policy Malaysia?

The main objectives of the National Commodity Policy (2011-2020) are: to increase the contribution of plantation industrial commodities to the nation’s economy; to promote Malaysia as the centre of excellence in R&D, technology development and the downstream processing of industrial commodities.

What is entry point in stock market?

Entry point refers to the price at which an investor buys or sells a security. The entry point is usually a component of a predetermined trading strategy for minimizing investment risk and removing the emotion from trading decisions. A good entry point is often the first step in achieving a successful trade.

Who is the prime minister of Malaysia?

Ismail Sabri YaakobSince 2021
Malaysia/Prime minister

What are some of the government initiatives for national development in Malaysia?

The seven NKRAs are: Reducing Crime; Fighting Corruption; Improving Students Outcomes; Raising Living Standards of Low-Income Households; Improving Rural Basic Infrastructure; Improving Urban Public Transport; Addressing Cost of Living.

What is the new Malaysian Agro Food Policy?

The main objectives of the National Agrofood Policy (2011-2020) are: to address food security and safety to ensure availability, affordability and accessibility; to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of the agrofood industry; and. to increase the income level of agropreneurs.

Which is an entry point in the NKEA?

There are 131 entry point projects (EPP) identified under the NKEA, which includes a high speed railway connecting Penang to Singapore and MRT in Kuala Lumpur which YTL Corporation first proposed and are currently looking to undertake. Economic activities that are categorised as NKEA will be prioritised in government planning and funds allocation.

Which is a key driver to the success of the NKEA?

The NKEA is the key driver to the success of this program as such activities have the potential to contribute significantly to the growth of the economy of Malaysia.

What do you need to know about healthcare NKEA?

Healthcare NKEA Entry Point Projects (EPPs) include products and services Source: PEMANDU Products Services •Medical Insurance (EPP1) •Clinical Research (EPP2) •Healthcare Travel (EPP4) •Teleradiology (EPP5) •Research, teaching and services, UMHM (EPP6) •Mobile Healthcare (EPP15) •Pharmaceuticals (EPP3)