What is Evolent care?

Evolent Care Partners enables independent primary care physicians with the capital and resources needed to participate and succeed within two-sided payer contracts—while limiting their financial risk.

What kind of company is Evolent health?

health care company
Evolent Health, Inc. is a health care company that delivers clinical and administrative solutions to payers and providers. The Company supports health systems and physician organizations as well as health plans to move their business models from traditional fee for service reimbursement to value-based care.

Is Evolent health a TPA?

Evolent currently outsources this function to UPMC for Medicaid lives and Evolent collects low-margin third party administrator (TPA) fees.

What is valence care?

Description of Services: Valence Health provides value-based care solutions for hospitals, health systems and physicians to help them achieve clinical and financial rewards for more effectively managing patient populations.

What Evolent means?

CrunchBase. Evolent Health. Evolent Health is a population health management services organization (MSO) that integrates the technology, tools and on-the-ground resources to support health systems in executing on their population health and care transformation objectives.

Where is Evolent Health located?

Arlington, VA
Evolent Health is headquartered in Arlington, VA and has 3 office locations across 1 country.

Who is the CEO of Evolent health?

Frank J. Williams (Aug 2011–)
Evolent Health/CEO

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