What is FortiAnalyzer used for?

FortiAnalyzer is a powerful log management, analytics and reporting platform, providing organizations with Single-Pane Orchestration, Automation, and Response for simplified security operations, proactive identification and remediation of risks, and complete visibility of the entire attack surface.

What is Fortinet FMG?

1. FortiManager. FortiManager provides Automation-Driven Centralized Management of your Fortinet devices from a single console for full administration and visibility of your network devices through streamlined provisioning and innovative automation tools.

How do I license FortiManager VM?

After placing an order for FortiManager VM, a license registration code is sent to the email address used in the order form. Use the license registration code provided to register the FortiManager VM with Customer Service & Support at https://support.fortinet.com. Upon registration, you can download the license file.

What are the supported virtual platforms for FortiManager?

FortiManager Supported Devices

  • FortiGate and FortiCarrier Consolidated Security Appliances.
  • FortiAP Wireless Access Points.
  • FortiMail Messaging Security Systems.
  • FortiWeb Web Application Security.
  • FortiAnalyzer Reporting and Analysis Appliances.
  • FortiSwitch Switching Platforms.

What is FortiAnalyzer cloud?

FortiAnalyzer Cloud, a cloud-based central logging and reporting service for all FortiGate devices enables you to get automated insights into the Network infrastructure and identify any network or security anomalies easily.

How do I set up FortiAnalyzer?

To set up FortiAnalyzer:

  1. Connect to the GUI.
  2. Configure the RAID level, if the FortiAnalyzer unit supports RAID.
  3. Configure network settings.
  4. (Optional) Configure administrative domains.
  5. Configure administrator accounts.
  6. Add devices to the FortiAnalyzer unit so that the devices can send logs to the FortiAnalyzer unit.

How do you use FMG access?

PING. FortiManager Access (FMG-Access)…

  1. Go to System > Network > Interface.
  2. Select the WAN1 interface row and select Edit.
  3. Select the Addressing Mode of Manual.
  4. Enter the IP address for the port of 172.20. 120.100/24.
  5. For Administrative Access, select HTTPS and SSH.
  6. Select OK.

What is the benefit of the Fortinet security rating?

The Security Rating Service provides: Provides up-to-date risk and vulnerability data in the context of what is important to the business. Network and security teams can coordinate and prioritize fixes in a timely manner.

How do I check my FortiManager license?

FortiManager includes a licensing overview page that allows you to view license information for all managed FortiGate devices. To view the licensing status, go to FortiGuard > Licensing Status.

How do I activate my FortiGate license?

In FortiConverter, from the License tab, click Select , then navigate and select the . lic file. Click Activate. FortiConverter validates the license file and changes your Activation Status from Trial to Activate.

How is FortiManager comparable to our main competitors?

How is FortiManager comparable to our main competitors? FortiManager is far more competitively priced. FortiManager is an appliance that allows you to manage which of the following?

What is security fabric Fortinet?

The Fortinet Security Fabric integrates a range of cloud-native solutions to provide security for any application and deployment environment. This allows them to provide cloud-native security automation, VPN connectivity, network segmentation, intrusion prevention, and an SWG.