What is Homestuck God tier?

The god tiers are a series of the highest levels of power available to players of Sburb. Achieving god tier status provides the beneficiary with godlike power in their respective aspect, channeled through their respective class.

Are Homestuck classes gendered?

Lord, Bard, Prince, and Page: All are gender-exclusive to males. Heir, Knight, and Mage: These classes are not gender-exclusive, but they lean more towards males. Thief, Rogue, and Seer: These classes are also not gender-exclusive but they learn more towards females.

How do you know what class you are in Homestuck?

Homestuck Class Test

  1. Take the Four Player Types Test on HelloQuizzy.
  2. Write down the PRIMARY category you score in and its PERCENTAGE. Also take note of your SECONDARY category (second highest percentage).
  3. Click on your Primary Player Type and then find you Primary-Secondary combination.

Who has the mind aspect in Homestuck?

Known Heroes of Mind are Terezi Pyrope, the Seer of Mind; and Latula Pyrope, the Knight of Mind.

Is sylph a passive class?

Sylphs are the passive creation/healing class, paired with Maid and inverting to Prince. Sylphs simply heal their aspect, and heal using their aspect.

Are Knights passive homestuck?

The Knight is often considered an Active Class, and the counterpart to the Passive Page, and this makes sense- Knights seem more forward and to use their Aspects as a weapon more directly, while Pages are presented as a Weak Class that takes a long time to reach their Full Potential.

Is Sylph a passive class?

What does a sylph of mind do?

The Sylph of Mind would have the power to heal intelligence and decision making. If an option is lost to the team, the Sylph can restore its availability. Or, if a teammate is injured, they can heal them through intellect and focus – brain injuries being especially within their jurisdiction.