What is Honda Jazz VTEC?

The 1,318cc i-VTEC petrol engine delivers its maximum power output at higher revs than rival cars with turbocharged engines. All manual Jazz models with this engine have the same top speed, but when dealing with low horsepower, every added gram of weight affects acceleration. …

Is the Honda Jazz 1.4 a good car?

There’s no question that the Jazz would make an ideal first car. It’s easy to drive and hardly a performance fireball, making it a great low risk option. With its lofty driving position and low running costs it’s a solid choice for anyone seeking a practical car that’s one step above the traditional novice runabout.

What class is a Honda Jazz?

Subcompact car

Honda Fit
Also called Honda Jazz Honda Life (China, Dongfeng Honda, 2020–present)
Production June 2001 – present
Body and chassis
Class Subcompact car (B)

What is the top speed of Honda Jazz?

The Honda Jazz is capable of touching top-speeds of up to 165kmph.

Is Honda Jazz a turbo?

The all-new Honda Jazz is reportedly to be powered by a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder P10A2 VTEC turbocharged engine. This engine will be used in the top-spec Jazz RS variant, which currently equipped with a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine.

Is Used Honda Jazz a good buy?

Yet the Jazz holds more appeal than many when buying used, as it’s reliable and practical. It’s not too difficult to find a used Jazz that’s in almost as good condition as it was when new, and has been serviced regularly. If the proper maintenance is done the Jazz should be very reliable.

Is the Honda Jazz a manual or CVT?

The entry level 1.2 Honda Jazz is the manual-only S model, however an automatic CVT gearbox is available in the 1.4-litre ES Plus, ES-T Plus and range topping EX-T models.

What kind of reliability does the Honda Jazz have?

Being a Honda, the Jazz is ultra reliable. This is reflected in its respectable 47th place finish out of 150 cars in our 2014 Driver Power survey. It means the Jazz should prove about as dependable as a supermini can get. As well as being noted for its reliability, the Honda Jazz also comes with a good roster of safety kit.

Is the Honda Jazz a three door car?

However, with an all-new model of the Honda Jazz coming in 2015, buyers should be aware that the current model, despite its popularity, is beginning to show its age compared with newer competitors. This is reflected in the fact that the Jazz has no three-door option, interior plastics are low-rent and Honda doesn’t offer a diesel engine.

How much does it cost to service a Honda Jazz?

An expensive pre-paid servicing pack costs around £700, but this takes care of scheduled maintenance for five years. On the whole, the styling of the Honda Jazz is unlikely to attract attention like more distinctive rivals, or offer the sophistication of something like a Volkswagen Polo.