What is Impella support?

Impella Ventricular Support System is a small Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD). It is designed to help pump blood in patients who require short term support. The device is a tiny pump inside of a catheter with an electric motor that can deliver about 2.5 liters of blood per minute to the body.

How does the Impella help the heart?

The Impella pulls blood from the ventricle and pushes it out into the aorta, delivering oxygen-rich blood to the rest of your body. This allows your heart to rest while the doctor performs the PCI.

What is an Impella device for the heart?

The Impella device is a catheter-based miniaturized ventricular assist device that pumps blood from left ventricle (LV) into ascending aorta and responsible for systemic circulation at an upper rate between 2.5 and 5.0 L/min.

Is an Impella permanent?

During your procedure, the Impella will be permanently connected to the console, which will be monitored by your caregivers.

What is the difference between LVAD and Impella?

LVAD—Used in patients with very low (less than 20%) left ventricular ejection fractions, these devices assist cardiac output in a ventricle that is too sick to provide adequate stroke volume. While some LV function is required, the Impella can nearly entirely compensate for a failed left ventricle in a resting patient.

Why do you need an Impella?

Impella® technology helps maintain hemodynamic stability and provides left ventricular unloading during a Protected PCI procedure, enabling PCI for patients with severe heart disease.

When do you use Impella?

Impella (Abiomed, Danvers, MA) is a percutaneously inserted ventricular assist device (VAD). It has been increasingly used in patients with severe heart failure, cardiogenic shock, and high-risk percutaneous intervention (PCI).

Can you do CPR with Impella?

Cardiopulmonary support (CPR) should be initiated immediately per hospital protocol if indicated for any patient supported with the Impella® RP Catheter. When initiating CPR, reduce the Impella® RP Catheter flow rate.

How long can you leave an Impella in?

Impella CP is a microaxial pump left ventricular assist device licensed for use for several hours during high risk percutaneous coronary interventions and up to four days in patients with cardiogenic shock.

Do Impella patients have a pulse?

An impeller within the pump spins thousands of times a minute, resulting in continuous blood flow, which means LVAD patients don’t have a pulse or measurable blood pressure.

Is Impella a left ventricular assist device?

What is the difference between Impella and ECMO?

The Impella pumps blood in parallel with the heart. It aspirates blood directly from the LV into the aorta, thereby maintaining physiological flow. On the other hand, while VA-ECMO also pumps in parallel with heart, it results in a non-physiological flow.