What is initiators in mainframe?

The initiator is an integral part of z/OS that reads, interprets, and executes the JCL. It is normally running in several address spaces (as multiple initiators). An inititator manages the running of batch jobs, one at a time, in the same address space.

What does the initiator do?

initiator, a source of any chemical species that reacts with a monomer (single molecule that can form chemical bonds) to form an intermediate compound capable of linking successively with a large number of other monomers into a polymeric compound.

What is Sdsf in mainframe?

System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) is a utility that allows you to monitor, control, and view the output of jobs in the system.

Can priority of a job be increased by changing the init class?

z/OS JES2 Initialization and Tuning Guide The system can increase the priority of a job based on the amount of time since the job entered the system if it is in a job class managed by JES2 initiators. You define this ability by specifying PRTYHIGH=, PRTYLOW=, and PRTYRATE= on the JOBDEF initialization statement.

What is JES2 and JES3 in mainframe?

IBM® provides two kinds of job entry subsystems: JES2 and JES3. In a mainframe installation that has only one processor, JES3 provides tape setup, dependent job control, and deadline scheduling for users of the system, while JES2 in the same system would require its users to manage these activities through other means.

What is another word for initiator?

What is another word for initiator?

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Who are the initiators?

The initiator is the one who starts it, whatever it is. The guy who shouts “Let’s get this party started!” is the initiator. An initiator is an instigator, the one who begins something. Initiator comes from the Latin initiare, meaning “beginning.” The spark that lights the fuse is the initiator of the bomb’s explosion.

What are polymer initiators?

Polymerization initiators are a source of any chemical species that reacts with a monomer to form an intermediate compound which is capable of linking successively with a large number of other monomers into a polymeric compound.

What is LPAR in mainframe?

An LPAR is a subset of the processor hardware that is defined to support an operating system. An LPAR contains resources (processors, memory, and input/output devices) and operates as an independent system. Multiple logical partitions can exist within a mainframe hardware system.

What is nice value in top command?

Nice value — Nice values are user-space values that we can use to control the priority of a process. The nice value range is -20 to +19 where -20 is highest, 0 default and +19 is lowest.

What is Linux niceness?

nice is a program found on Unix and Unix-like operating systems such as Linux. nice is used to invoke a utility or shell script with a particular CPU priority, thus giving the process more or less CPU time than other processes. A niceness of -20 is the highest priority and 19 is the lowest priority.

How does an initiator work in an IBM mainframe?

When you submit your job, it is placed into the input queue, and there it waits until an initiator becomes available, where the initiator will scan the input queue for any jobs waiting to be executed with the specific CLASS= that that initiator handles.

What does an initiator do on a computer?

An INITIATOR is kind of like giving you your own virtual computer to run on. The INITIATOR class is specified on the JOB card CLASS=. It offers you an isolated environment to run in, while still sharing system resources with other initiators.

What kind of constraints can be placed on an initiator?

Some of the constraints that can be placed on an INITIATOR are: Priority, max run time, if you can use tapes, what processor (s) in a multi processor environment it will execute on, the number of initiators availiable for each class, and several other constraints.