What is Jet2 baggage allowance?

Our Jet2 checked baggage allowance means you can book up to three bags of up to 22kg per person (excluding infants), per flight. Any baggage that exceeds your total weight allowance will be carried subject to availability and at our discretion. Please note that no single item of baggage may weigh more than 32kg.

Do you get 10kg hand luggage with Jet2?

Passengers are allowed one free piece of hand luggage to carry on board. Jet2 cabin bags should not be larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (including wheels and handles) nor weigh more than 10kg. In addition, you are allowed to carry onboard one small personal item, such as a laptop bag or handbag.

How much do you pay for extra luggage?

Baggage category Fee Max Weight
First checked bag $30 50lbs
Second checked bag $45 50lbs
Third checked bag $150+ 50lbs
Fourth(+) checked bag $200+ 50lbs

Does Jet2 weight hand luggage?

You may carry on board one piece of hand luggage free of charge, as long as it weighs no more than 10kg and is no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including any wheels and handles. Anything exceeding these requirements will need to be placed into your hold baggage and checked in.

Can I take my own food on Jet2?

Can I take my own hot food and drinks onboard? You may not bring hot food or hot drinks onboard the aircraft. However, we do offer a great selection of food and drinks to purchase during your flight.

What is the luggage allowance per passenger?

The Economy Class passenger can carry 15 kg luggage (1 piece) under lite category, 15 kg under standard category and 20 kg under flexi category. The Premium Economy passenger can take 20 kg, 25 kg and 30 kg under the three categories and the Business class passenger can carry 30 kg, 35 kg and 40 kg under the three categories.

What is the cabin baggage allowance?

The maximum weight limit is 50 pounds per checked bag if you’re traveling on a basic economy or main cabin ticket. First class and Delta One tickets allow a 70-pound weight limit.

What is easyJet baggage allowance?

The easyJet baggage allowance for hand luggage is one piece with the maximum dimensions of 56cm x 45cm x 25 cm with no weight limit. Handbags, briefcases, and laptops count as one bag as well, so if you arrive at the boarding gate with too many items, you’ll have to pay a fee to check the bag.

What is the free baggage allowance?

– 20kg of free checked baggage in Economy Promo – 25kg of free checked baggage in Economy Basic – 30kg of free checked baggage in Economy Smart – 35kg of free checked baggage in Economy Flex