What is Krakauer doing now?

He currently has his 2003 book Under the Banner of Heaven, an investigation of polygamy and religious fundamentalism in the American West, in development at Imagine Entertainment. He’s also at work on his next book, details of which are under wraps.

What religion is Jon Krakauer?

Krakauer, who was brought up an atheist and remains a nonbeliever, writes that he had many Mormon friends in his youth. He spent three years in research and an additional year writing the book. He writes with almost astonishing narrative force.

Who is Jon Krakauer famous for?

Jon Krakauer is a preeminent writer of narrative non-fiction. His numerous bestsellers include Missoula, Where Men Win Glory, Under the Banner of Heaven, Into the Wild, and Into Thin Air. He is editor of the Modern Library Exploration series.

How old is Jon Krakauer?

67 years (12 April 1954)
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Is Jon Krakauer married?

Linda Mariam Moorem. 1980
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What mountains has Krakauer climbed?

In 1977 he pioneered a new route up the Devils Thumb in southeast Alaska, and in 1996 he reached the top of Mt. Everest, though four of his five teammates died on the descent down the mountain — an experience Krakauer would write about for Outside magazine and in his book Into Thin Air.

Did Krakauer summit Everest?

He was a member of an ill-fated expedition to summit Mount Everest in 1996, one of the deadliest disasters in the history of climbing Everest.

Who taught Krakauer climbing?

‘ Though Lewis introduced his son to climbing, which would become one of his life passions, he also pushed Jon Krakauer in directions the author was never comfortable with. Achievement was extremely important to his father, and he expected his five children to be just as driven and competitive as he was.

Who is Kai sandburn?

Kai Sandburn Kai Sandburn is a cheerful, outgoing woman who Krakauer meets on his quest to climb the Devil’s Thumb. Lewis Krakauer Jon Krakauer’s father, Lewis is a kind and generous man, but is extremely competitive and ambitious, and extends his aspirations to his five children.

Who is Bud Walsh?

Bud Walsh is a National Park Service ranger who finds McCandless’s abandoned Datsun in the Mojave Desert with no license plate and random possessions inside. He was hired by the McCandlesses to find Chris.

Who is Gaylord Stuckey into the wild?

He spends two days at the Liard River before making friends with Gaylord Stuckey, a truck driver who reluctantly gives “Alex” a ride. They converse for the few days the drive takes — discussing McCandless’s family, his father’s bigamy, and his own desire to live off the land.