What is meant by Pattern Language?

A pattern language is an organized and coherent set of patterns, each of which describes a problem and the core of a solution that can be used in many ways within a specific field of expertise. The term was coined by architect Christopher Alexander and popularized by his 1977 book A Pattern Language.

What does pattern mean in psychology?

a complex arrangement of two or more responses that occur in a prescribed order. Behavior patterns are also referred to as chains of behavior, highlighting their nature as a complex linking of simpler segments of behavior. Also called behavioral pattern. …

What does Forces represent while describing a pattern?

Forces Forces represent a concrete scenario which provides the motivation for the use of pattern in certain context to solve a certain problem. Forces make clear intri- cacies of a problem, since not all problems are clear cut.

What is the meaning of pattern of behavior?

behavior pattern in American English noun. a recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation.

What is considered a pattern of behavior?

A pattern of behavior is determined based on the repeated use of words and/or actions and inactions in order to demean, intimidate, and/or control another person. This behavior can be verbal, emotional and/or physical.

What is the purpose of a pattern language?

Pattern language. A pattern language can also be an attempt to express the deeper wisdom of what brings aliveness within a particular field of human endeavor, through a set of interconnected patterns. Aliveness is one placeholder term for “the quality that has no name”: a sense of wholeness, spirit, or grace, that while of varying form,…

What do you mean by pattern recognition in psychology?

In psychology and cognitive neuroscience, pattern recognition describes cognitive process that matches information from a stimulus with information retrieved from memory.

How is pattern recognition related to language acquisition?

Pattern recognition in language acquisition. Recent research reveals that infant language acquisition is linked to cognitive pattern recognition. Unlike classical nativist and behavioral theories of language development, scientists now believe that language is a learned skill.

Who is the founder of the pattern language?

Pattern language. Jump to navigation Jump to search. A pattern language is a method of describing good design practices or patterns of useful organization within a field of expertise. The term was coined by architect Christopher Alexander and popularized by his 1977 book A Pattern Language.