What is Navy nuclear pay?

US Navy Salary FAQs The average salary for a Nuclear Officer is $93,627 per year in United States, which is 12% higher than the average US Navy salary of $83,021 per year for this job.

What percent of the Navy is nuclear?

45 percent
Since about 45 percent of the Navy’s combatants are nuclear-powered, there are many opportunities available to those interested in joining this elite group.

How much is the Navy Nuke bonus?

An accession bonus of up to $15,000 is paid to officers selected for nuclear propulsion training. Upon successful completion of the nuclear propulsion training program, officers receive a bonus of $2,000. If they don’t complete the program, the bonus must be repaid.

What is the nuclear program in the Navy?

What Is the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program? The Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program comprises the military and civilian personnel who design, build, operate, maintain, and manage the nuclear-powered ships and the many facilities that support the U.S. nuclear-powered naval fleet.

How much do navy nukes make after the Navy?

Of the 161 six and out Nuke vets, 16.7% of them made $100,001 – $120,000. That was the mode (most often occurring salary) among six and out Nukes. 42.2% of the six and out Nukes made over $100,000 per year. 3.7% of the six and out Nukes made over $200,000 per year.

Do navy nukes get hazard pay?

2021 Special Navy Pay Current Navy SDAP levels. Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay (Non-Crew Member) – All pay grades, $150.00. For Hostile Fire Pay (HFP), Sailors who are exposed to hostile fire or a hostile mine explosion event are eligible to receive non-prorated HFP at the full monthly amount of $275.

Are navy destroyers nuclear-powered?

At the present time, many important vessels in the United States Navy are powered by nuclear reactors. All submarines and aircraft carriers are nuclear-powered. The ship types are “A” for aircraft carrier, “C” for cruiser, “D” for destroyer, and “S” for submarine.

How long is a Navy Nuke contract?

Active Duty Service Obligation – Six years: accomplished by a four-year enlistment, plus a two-year extension of enlistment for training in the Nuclear Field.

How much do Navy nukes make after the Navy?

How long is nuke school in the Navy?

The initial Nuke School is 24 weeks of classroom based courses and is located in Charleston, South Carolina. The classroom portion of Nuke School is followed by 26 weeks of hands-on training at one of the Navy’s two prototype reactors located in either Charleston, SC, or Ballston Spa, NY.

How difficult is nuke school in the Navy?

The material isn’t hard necessarily, but the speed at which you have to learn it is grueling, and a lot of students can’t take the pressure of 8 solid hours of class combined with another 20-25 hours a week of studying/doing homework outside of class.

What is a nuclear field in the Navy?

The Navy’s Nuclear Field (NF) program offers extensive training as nuclear propulsion plant operators and technicians to young men and women with aptitude in mathematics and science.

What is naval nuclear power?

A nuclear navy, or nuclear-powered navy, refers to the portion of a navy consisting of naval ships powered by nuclear marine propulsion. The concept was revolutionary for naval warfare when first proposed. Prior to nuclear power, submarines were powered by diesel engines and could only submerge through the use of batteries.

What is a Navy Nuke?

A “nuke” is a term used to describe any job in the Navy that has specifications in the nuclear field. Nukes make up both the enlisted and officer force. Enlisted nuke jobs include electronic technicians (ET), electrician’s mates (EM) and machinist’s mates (MM).

What is a Navy nuclear officer?

A nuclear officer is responsible for overseeing important operations aboard a nuclear powered submarine or ship. Several different countries, including France and Russia, use nuclear power systems for many of their vessels. In the United States Navy, a nuclear officer must have a college degree and is responsible for supervising other personnel.