What is OSS BSS testing?

OSS-BSS Testing Revenue assurance, billing, customer service, interconnect billing, order and fraud management. Network management, mediation, provisioning, and other services are available. EAI, CRM & ERP, data warehousing, and other technologies are available.

What is Telecom OSS BSS?

OSS/BSS, in telecommunications, refer to operations support system and business support system. The distinction emphasizes a separation of concerns between maintaining network operations and the business around which that network is built.

What is Telecom OSS?

Operations support systems (OSS), operational support systems in British usage, or Operation System (OpS) in NTT, are computer systems used by telecommunications service providers to manage their networks (e.g., telephone networks).

What is OSS software testing?

An operations support system (OSS) is a software component that enables a service provider to monitor, control, analyze, and manage the services on its network.

What is a telco OSS?

What is BSS in wireless?

Basic Service Set (BSS), as the name suggests, is basically a network topology that allows all wireless devices to communicate with each other through a common medium i.e. AP (Access point). It also manages these wireless devices or clients. Matching SSID (Service Set Identifier).

What is EDR in telecom?

EDR stands for Event Data/Detail Record. EDR records are used for systems that charge more than calls – content.

What is CDR in telecom?

Call Detail Record (CDR) is the detailed record of all the telephonic calls that pass through a telephone exchange or any other telecommunications equipment. Call Detail records are maintained by telephone exchanges emitting information in the form of tickets, with respect to individual customers/users.

What kind of tests do you get for lupus?

The most common types of tests you may be asked to get are blood and urine tests. It is important to understand these laboratory tests so you can feel confident as you work with your doctor to better understand your health. Lab work alone usually cannot diagnose lupus. Signs and symptoms of the disease are also important.

How are anti dsDNA tests used to diagnose lupus?

Anti-Double Stranded DNA (Anti-DsDNA) Anti-DsDNA is more specific to lupus than ANA and can be very valuable in making a diagnosis of lupus. The anti-DsDNA test is generally done at every medical visit. This test indicates if the body is making antibodies to – and thus “attacking” – its own DNA.

Can a positive ANA test diagnose systemic lupus?

Therefore, a positive ANA test alone is never enough to diagnosis systemic lupus. Rather, a physician will order an ANA test if the patient first exhibits other signs of lupus. This is because by itself, the test has low diagnostic specificity for systemic lupus, but its value increases as a patient meets other clinical criteria.

What are the limitations of a negative lupus test?

Limitations of the test: Up to 25% of people with lupus have a negative test. So, a negative test doesn’t mean a person doesn’t have lupus. What it is: Anti-Ro (SSA) and Anti-La (SSB) are two antibodies that are commonly found together.