What is population density of Atlanta?

The last measured population density for Atlanta, GA was 3,602 in 2018. Atlanta, GA experienced an average growth rate of -0.78% from our first statistic recorded in 2009. If past trends continue, we forecast the population density to be 3,451 by 2023.

How dense is Atlanta?

The following are the most densely populated cities with populations exceeding 50,000: Union City, N.J.: 54,138 persons/sq. mile….View population density and land area data for U.S. cities.

City Atlanta, Georgia
Population Density (Persons/Square Mile) 3,549
2016 Population 472,522
Land Area (Square Miles) 133

Is Atlanta a dense city?

Atlanta is one of the least-dense big cities in the country—just 3,500 people per square mile compared to, say, 28,000 per square mile in New York City. The city’s low density means that most of our tree canopy—77 percent, in fact—is on single-family residential land.

What region is Atlanta and other densely populated cities located?

In Atlanta, there are distinct pockets of high population density clustered along the Peachtree corridor in Midtown and Buckhead, while suburban-style single-family homes and even large swaths of undeveloped land within the city limits skew the numbers.

Is Atlanta overpopulated?

About 50-60 million people visit Atlanta a year, that’s one of the highest and even more people than Seattle. Atlanta is so overpopulated and so complex and fast-paced, it is basically a place of torture and stress.

What is the densest city in the US?

Guttenberg, New Jersey, is the most densely populated incorporated place in the United States….Incorporated places with a density of over 10,000 people per square mile.

Rank 1
Incorporated place Guttenberg
Metropolitan area New York City
State New Jersey

What percentage of Atlanta’s population is black?

Population Snapshot

2019 Atlanta MSA (29 Counties)
% of Population – 25 years and over with a Bachelor’s degree or higher 39.9%
% of Population – Male/Female 48.3%/51.7%
% of Population – Race: White 45.5%
% of Population – Race: Black or African American 33.6%

What percentage Black is Atlanta?

Why are people moving to Atlanta GA?

Lured by a mild climate, affordable housing, a stable economy and a diverse population, tens of thousands of people move every year to the Atlanta, GA, metro area.

Which state is most densely populated?

List of states and territories of the United States by population density

State etc. Population density
Rank (all) per mi2
District of Columbia 1 11011
New Jersey 2 1218
Puerto Rico 3 1046

What are The racial demographics of Atlanta Georgia?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Atlanta was: Black or African American: 52.29% White: 40.08% Asian: 4.03% Two or more races: 2.27% Other race: 1.05% Native American: 0.26% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander : 0.03%

What is the population of Greater Atlanta GA?

Atlanta’s population represents the residents of the city proper, although the urban population is 4.5 million and the Atlanta metropolitan area is home to 5.6 million, making it the 9th largest in the United States. The Combined Statistical Area is even larger at 6.2 million.

How many people live in Atlanta GA?

People in Atlanta, Georgia. The population in Atlanta is 465,230. There are 3,431 people per square mile aka population density. The median age in Atlanta is 33.3, the US median age is 37.4. The number of people per household in Atlanta is 2.3, the US average of people per household is 2.6.