What is Porsche sports chrono package?

The Sport Chrono Package enables an even sportier tuning of the chassis, engine and transmission – and launches you to unprecedented sporty heights. The key component is the mode switch on the steering wheel, derived from the 918 Spyder.

Is Sport Chrono a must?

On PDK, Sport Chrono is a must have option. It enables Launch Control and the Sport Mode mapping matches the PDK perfectly.

Does sport chrono package include sport exhaust?

Registered. My two cents: Get the one with Sports Exhaust. The Sport Chrono Package includes the Sport + button. You can get Sport+ added by your dealer.

What does sport chrono do for Taycan?

It is a fantastic jump from Sport mode. Unlike many cars, you CAN leave PSM FULLY enabled in this mode (or choose PSM Sport or PSM off) which makes it daily usable. Meaning if you don’t have Chrono and park next to a Taycan that does, their car is sportier than yours. Period.

Does Macan Turbo have sports exhaust?

Sports Exhaust System – Macan S/Turbo SKU: SKU95BPSE Powerful, earthy, sporty. Or press the console mounted “Sport” or included exhaust switch (with dual tail pipe icon), and the Sport Exhaust sound will offer a powerful sound through all driving scenarios.

Can you Launch Control without Sport Chrono?

Active Member Chrono is not required for Launch Control on Taycan 4S.

What is panamera Chrono package?

Adrenaline at the push of a button: the Sport Chrono Package offers an even sportier tuning of the chassis, engine and transmission. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) and Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport) are retuned for harder damping and more direct turn-in.

How do you start a Porsche without Sport Chrono?

Quickly press the accelerator down fully (kickdown activated) and hold it. The engine speed will level off at around 6,500 rpm. “Launch Control active” is displayed on the multi-function display.

How do I start Porsche PDK?

Steps to Use

  1. Depress the brake pedal to 100%
  2. Quickly depress and hold the accelerator pedal to 100%. You MUST pass the kickdown notch.
  3. The revs will hold at the preset launch control RPM.
  4. Release the brake pedal quickly and keep the accelerator at 100%.
  5. Enjoy!

What does the Porsche Sport Chrono package include?

What Does the Porsche Sport Chrono Package Include? The Porsche Sport Chrono Package offers the following features: Driver-Selectable Driving Modes: The steering wheel inside a model with Sport Chrono includes a switch that allows the driver to change the performance profile of their vehicle as they cruise through Milpitas.

What does Sport Chrono do on Porsche 718?

Motorsports-Inspired Gear Shifting: Sport Chrono gives the PDK unique and racing-derived gearshifting strategies for the fastest acceleration possible. SPORT Response: New for models like the 718, SPORT Response allows you to press a button in the center of the mode switch.

What does sport Chono do on Porsche 997?

The Sport Chono package in cars with PDK causes upshifts to take place at higher engine speeds and downshifts to happen sooner, deactivates the coasting mode and auto start/stop function, and activates the optional sports exhaust system.

What kind of transmission does a Porsche 997 have?

This article applies to the Porsche 911 (997) (2005-2012). With the Sport Chrono package, you get a Sport button (manual transmission) and/or Sport Plus button (Porsche Doppekupplung or PDK gets both).