What is Pretz D used for?

Pretz Spray lubricates and moisturizes nasal membranes, and relieves dryness due to lack of humidity.

What is ephedrine hydrochloride used for?

Ephedrine is a central nervous system stimulant used to treat breathing problems (as a bronchodilator), nasal congestion (as a decongestant), low blood pressure problems (orthostatic hypotension), or myasthenia gravis.

What kind of drug is ephedrine?

Ephedrine is a prescription medicine used to treat the symptoms of low blood pressure during anesthesia (Hypotension). Ephedrine may be used alone or with other medications. Ephedrine belongs to a class of drugs called Alpha/Beta Adrenergic Agonists.

Is ephedrine good for asthma?

Ephedrine is a decongestant and bronchodilator used for the temporary relief of mild, intermittent asthma symptoms, including shortness of breath, chest tightness, and wheezing.

Does ephedrine affect your liver?

The severity of liver injury due to ephedrine ranges from mild, asymptomatic elevations in serum enzymes to clinically apparent acute liver injury and to acute liver failure. Chronic use of Ma Huang has been linked to a chronic hepatitis-like syndrome, but recovery was prompt when ephedra was stopped.

Is vitamin D supplement bad for liver?

While hepatocytes, cholangiocytes, stellate cells and resident immune cells in the liver have vitamin D receptors, there is no evidence that vitamin D causes injury to the liver.

What are some of the side effects of ephedrine?

Cardiac glycosides, general anesthetics (especially cyclopropane, halothane): May sensitize myocardium to effects of ephedrine, causing arrhythmias. Monitor patient closely. Diuretics, methyldopa, reserpine: Decrease pressor effects of ephedrine.

How is ephedrine used to treat nasal congestion?

Ephedrine (Pretz-D) generic Efipres is a central nervous system stimulant, prescribed for breathing problems (as a bronchodilator) and for nasal congestion. It is also used for lowering blood pressure. The medication reduces swelling of blood vessels in the nasal passage and widens the air way thereby enhances easy breathing.

How much ephedrine is needed for hypotensive states?

To correct hypotensive states. Adults: 25 to 50 mg I.M. or S.C. Or, 10 to 25 mg via slow I.V. bolus. If needed, a second I.M. dose of 50 mg or I.V. dose of 25 mg may be administered.

How does ephedrine work as a bronchodilator?

Bronchodilator action: Ephedrine relaxes bronchial smooth muscle by stimulating beta2-adrenergic receptors, resulting in increased vital capacity, relief of mild bronchospasm, improved air exchange, and decreased residual volume. Vasopressor action: Drug produces positive inotropic effects with low doses by action on beta1-receptors in the heart.