What is PrimeCare California?

PrimeCare is a medical network with more than 350 local, independent doctors in private practices in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Our goal is to give members the right care at the right place at the right time. As a PrimeCare member, you’re at the center of a team led by your primary care doctor.

Who owns PrimeCare medical?

PrimeCare is part of OptumCare®, a care delivery organization that improves patient health and helps make health care work better. At OptumCare, health care is built around its patients.

What insurance is PrimeCare?

PrimeCare accepts new members with many different health insurance plans. We accept most Medicare plans, as well as individual or family plans.

Who is PrimeCare?

We are family medical practice providing health care services for patients of all ages, from newborn to elderly. We provide a variety of services for treatment for minor injuries, illnesses, illness consultations to specialist referrals.

What is PrimeCare peplink?

Peplink PrimeCare enables full SpeedFusion (Bonding, WAN Smoothing, Hot Failover), opening up deployment possibilities for any PrimeCare device. For example, the MAX Transit Duo will be upgraded with full SpeedFusion in order to enable faster file transfer and higher quality streaming from mobile locations.

How much does SpeedFusion cost?

Pricing Plans

Product Code Product Name MSRP USD*
SFC-CLD-D SpeedFusion Cloud – Plan D $ 80
SFC-CLD-E SpeedFusion Cloud – Plan E $ 159
SFC-CLD-F SpeedFusion Cloud – Plan F $ 299
SFC-CLD-G SpeedFusion Cloud – Plan G $ 589

What is Peplink InControl?

InControl is our cloud-based endpoint management system. When connected to your devices, it aggregates data to generate useful reports on all aspects of your network. On a single screen, you can push configurations to any and all of your endpoints.

Is Optum part of Aetna?

OptumHealth Care Solutions, Inc. (Optum) manages the physical and occupational outpatient therapy network for Aetna (Aetna Health Inc, Aetna Life Insurance Company and Aetna Health Management) commercial and Medicare plans.

What is Primecare insurance?

PrimeCare stands for affordable, quality care with the freedom to choose your doctor. We may have individual names and services, but you can be assured that members of the PrimeCare health group work together as a provider network to best serve your healthcare needs.

What is a network health plan?

Network Plan. A health plan that contracts with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care providers to provide members of the plan with services and supplies at a discounted price.

What is network health insurance plan?

In network refers to providers or health care facilities that are part of a health plan’s network of providers with which it has negotiated a discount. Insured individuals usually pay less when using an in-network provider, because those networks provide services at lower cost to the insurance companies with which they have contracts.