A reflexive essay should describe your personal experience; include all your emotions (positive and/or negative), feelings, thoughts. How it affected you. That is, in other words, it is a reflection of your personal experience and transfer it to the reader. The main aim of a reflective essay is not only to tell readers about your experience but also to tell what you have learned from it. The classical format of such an essay is diary format. But it can vary according to your target audience. It can be an article or a letter. While the format may be different the plan is still the same.

  • Entry;
  • Main reason;
  • Additional reason;
  • Interchange;
  • Conclusion.

How to choose an essay topic?

  1. Do I understand the meaning of the statement that the author wanted to say?
  2. What are the main problems related to this topic?
  3. Do I agree with the above statement, how to Express my attitude to it?
  4. What theoretical terms and concepts do I need to substantiate my point of view?
  5. What are some examples from history, current social life, your life experience?

Ideas and topics

  1. An experience you never forgot;
  2. Your biggest fear;
  3. The most difficult choice;
  4. A moment in your life you want to relive;
  5. How did you influence other people’s lives?

As you may notice the topics and the essay itself requires some previous experience. If you don’t have anything to share you can refer t our academic writing service.

Step by step guide how to write an essay

  1. Step one. Got the essay topic, if there is, then check out the essay requirements. It is also useful to seek advice on the subject to the teacher, if possible. Explanations will be general but will help to determine the direction of the essay, and then you need to develop your idea. Asking a teacher how to write an essay is pointless. In fact, contact the teacher only with specific questions. Question “how to write an essay?” it is not. It is better to ask some interesting articles or monographs it is possible on your topic to read. So it will be more useful.
  2. Step two. It is necessary to determine the main theses and arguments. These are the author’s thoughts on the issue in the form of statements, and arguments are proofs of these statements. Arguments can be facts, phenomena of public life, events, experience, scientific evidence, references to the opinions of scientists, etc. Depending on the volume of the essay, you need to determine the required number of abstracts. There should be two arguments to each thesis. The logic is simple: one argument is unconvincing, three arguments overload the text. Therefore, write an essay so that each thesis is supported by two arguments. At this step, the following will help: read the related questions on the topic of the essay – this will determine what you need to write in the essay, and what is not worth it. After that, we study the literature, sources, outline the key points, determine the main issues – on their basis, formulate their own theses, thoughts, statements and support their arguments.
  3. The third step is writing the essay. Creative approach to the presentation of his ideas, writing the introductory part, clearly formulated a thesis, the presentation of evidence in the form of arguments, and draw conclusions. After that several times, we read are written, supplemented, deleted superfluous. At this stage, be careful not to make mistakes, which are given below.

So these steps help you to write a good reflective essay, but in any case, you can use our help.