What is Secure Login Server?

Secure Login allows you to benefit from the advantages of SNC without being obliged to set up a public-key infrastructure (PKI). Secure Login allows users to authenticate with one of the following authentication mechanisms: Windows Domain (Active Directory Server) RADIUS server. LDAP server.

How do I open the secure login console?

To open the administration console, use a web browser. You find the https port in the SSL setting of the SAP NetWeaver configuration. The port number is usually 50001.

How do I install a secure login server?


  1. Start the Software Update Manager.
  2. Install the installation file for Secure Login Server according to the steps in the wizard.
  3. Choose the relevant components. You have now installed the Secure Login Server.

What is SAP secure login client?

Secure Login Web Client is a feature of the Secure Login Server that is a Web-based solution for the authentication of users in Web browsers (in portal scenarios) on a variety of platforms and for launching SAP GUI with SNC. The Secure Login Web Client provides short-term certificates to employees.

What is a secure server?

Secure servers are those servers that use the secure sockets layer protocol to protect communication from unintended recipients. More commonly referred to as SSL servers, secure servers will communicate between other Web servers and Web browsers using cryptography, or encrypted and decrypted communication.

How do I download SAP secure login client?


  1. Choose Installations and Upgrades Browse Download Catalog SAP NetWeaver and complementary products SAP Single Sign-On SAP Single Sign-On 2.0 Installation .
  2. Download the installation package SAPSetupSLC.exe.
  3. Start SAPSetupSLC.exe to install Secure Login Client.
  4. To continue, choose Next.
  5. Choose Install.

What is WLS Admin console?

The Administration Console is a Web browser-based, graphical user interface that you use to manage a WebLogic Server domain.

How do I enable SNC in SAP GUI?

From the SAP Logon dialog:

  1. Choose New or select the system to edit and choose Properties.
  2. Choose Advanced Options. The Advanced Optionsdialog appears.
  3. Enter the SNC options: Enter (or edit) the SNC name. Enable SNC by activating the Enable Secure Network Communication indicator.
  4. Choose OK.

How does SAP SSO work?

The SAP GUI’s Single Sign-On (SSO) functions enable you to configure transparent user authentication for access to AS ABAP systems. With SSO, SAP GUI users can only select the AS ABAP system to log on to from the SAP Logon Pad, without needing to interactively provide a user name and a password.

How do I enable SSO in SAP?

Start the SAP NetWeaver Administrator on your SLD system and perform the following steps to upload the certificate:

  1. Choose Configuration Management Security Trusted Systems Single Sign-On with SAP Logon Tickets .
  2. Choose Edit Add Trusted System.

What is VMware security server?

Selected product version: VMware Horizon 7 7.13. A security server is an instance of Connection Server that adds an additional layer of security between the Internet and your internal network. You can install one or more security servers to be connected to a Connection Server instance.

What is secure server used for?

A secure server is a Web server that guarantees secure online transactions. Secure servers use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption and decryption to protect data from unauthorized interception. Secure servers are used by online retailers and any organization with a Web presence.