What is SYSTIMAX cable?

Structured cabling providing industry-leading bandwidth, power and intelligence. Watch now. CommScope’s premier copper and fiber structured cabling solution, SYSTIMAX®, provides the combination of power and high-bandwidth data connectivity and the flexibility to support advanced capabilities as you move to the ceiling.

Is CommScope the same as SYSTIMAX?

A: CommScope is our company, and we sell SYSTIMAX solutions to the enterprise cabling market. SYSTIMAX is CommScope’s brand for enterprise network infrastructure solutions.

What companies does CommScope own?


CommScope Corporate Headquarters in Hickory, North Carolina.
Brands KRONE AMP NetConnect SYSTIMAX Uniprise ERA HELIAX ONECELL Surfboard Ruckus Arris
Revenue US$8.435 Billion (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)
Operating income -US$51.8 Million (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)

What is intelligent cabling system?

The intelligent cabling management system, developed using LS Cable & System’s unique technology, is based on S/W and H/W. It provides optimized solutions to meet customer needs. • 40 patch panels are centrally controlled from a single controller (960 ports) • Innovative 3D line number design.

What is CommScope used for?

CommScope, Inc. is a Hickory, North Carolina-based company that designs and manufactures coaxial and fiber optic cable and related products used by cable and satellite television providers and other applications, including data networking, Internet access, wireless communications, and telephony.

What is GigaSPEED cable?

The SYSTIMAX 71E series GigaSPEED® XL cable transmits reliable voice, data and video, with excellent quality of service. Performance characterized to 550 MHz to support high-bandwidth video applications. • UL® listed (CM, CMP & CMR) and CSA(type FT4) certified.

Where are CommScope products made?

Sophisticated gauging and measurement creates CommScope product uniformity around the globe. Customers can expect solutions manufactured at our plant in Claremont, North Carolina to have the same specifications as identical solutions manufactured at our plant in Bray, Ireland.

Who is the owner of CommScope company?

CommScope/Parent organizations

Is Arris now CommScope?

CommScope completed its $7.4 billion acquisition of Arris (which included Ruckus) in April of this year, which greatly expanded CommScope’s product portfolio. The realignment reflects just how much the acquisition has broadened CommScope’s business.

Is CommScope product based company?

CommScope – Just the best product based company.

What is GigaSPEED XL?

GigaSPEED XL is designed to deliver cost-effective performance that fully leverages the entire ecosystem of CommScope’s end-to-end SYSTIMAX portfolio of solutions, including intelligence-ready iPatch® and imVision solutions that improve the transparency and efficiency of your data center or enterprise network.

What is the minimum power separation guideline distance required to be kept between copper cabling and fluorescent lamps and its associated wiring no conduit )?

50 mm
separation of 50 mm (2 in) is required. For all fluorescent light fixtures and associated power cables (in the vicinity of the light fixtures – see Figure 1), the separation distance is 50 mm (2 in).

Why do we need SYSTIMAX in our network?

With SYSTIMAX as your foundation, your network is ready to meet today’s demand— and evolve to meet tomorrow’s. Whether it is network convergence, power and data, IoT or other applications, SYSTIMAX can help you address your toughest challenges—today and tomorrow.

Which is SYSTIMAX platform does CommScope use?

SYSTIMAX is a comprehensive platform of advanced copper and fiber connectivity, with automated infrastructure management and high-efficiency interfaces. CommScope offers a suite of tools that simplify the design, deployment and ongoing expansion to support the high speed migration of fiber connectivity within data centers.

Is the SYSTIMAX 360 the future of network?

Copper meets fiber. The future of networks has arrived. SYSTIMAX 360TMis redefining performance from every angle. The next-generation infrastructure network, fueled by SYSTIMAX 360, is truly a network without limits.

What can SYSTIMAX do to keep you ahead?

To keep you ahead, we offer our Application Assurance, a guarantee that specifications and performance will adapt and support your migration to higher-speed applications. This is also complemented by imVision®, an automated infrastructure management solution, providing visibility into the physical network.