What is T310 timer in LTE?

>>Starts when UE detects PHY layer related problems (when it receives N310 consecutive out-of-sync INDs from lower layers) >>Stops 1. When UE receives N311 consecutive in-sync INDs from lower layers/

What is T310 expiry?

Expiry of T310 in Pscell : If RLF occur because of T310 expiry then UE trigger SCG failure with failureType as t310-Expiry. In this case if there is some uplink traffic then UE will start RACH procedure and during this time if RACH gets failed on NR cell then UE will trigger the SCG failure.

What is T300 in 5g?

RRC timer indicates the timer duration and event when to start, event when to stop and actions to be taken if the timer is expired. These timers are denoted by letter “T” followed by 3 digit number e.g. T300.

Which timer starts at reception of RRC and stops at reception of RRC connection setup?

Timer T302
The Timer T302 starts at reception of RRC Connection Reject while performing RRC Connection Establishment. It stops upon entering RRC_CONNECTED and upon cell selection. At expiry, it (UE) informs upper layers about barring alleviation for mobile originating data or mobile originating access.

What is T301 in LTE?

T311 is a supervision timer for the cell selection procedure after a OoS scenario. The T301 is a supervision timer for the RRCConnectionReestablishment procedure. If T311 expires before the UE finds a suitable cell, or the T301 expires before the RRCConnectionReestablishment, the UE goes to RRC_IDLE.

What is inactivity timer in LTE?

When the eNodeB detects a UE which does not have any traffic to send and receive during a defined period of time, usually referred to an inactivity timer (20s, 10s etc…) which is defined in eNodeB and also is configurable, then the eNB can initiate procedures to place the UE in idle mode.

What is LTE RLF?

In LTE and NR, the user equipment initiates a recovery procedure when a radio link failure (RLF) is declared. A shorter RLF timer T312 is introduced to speed up the recovery from an RLF and lower the outage time during a handover.

What is SIB2 LTE?

SystemInformationBlockType2 (SIB2) contains radio resource configuration information that is common for all UEs. It contains access barring information, radio resource configuration of common and shared channels, timers and constants which are used by UEs, uplink power control information etc.

What is CSFB call?

Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB), with the help of a global system for mobile communication (GSM) or another circuit-switched network, delivers voice and SMS services to LTE devices. The necessity for a Circuit Switch FallBack for the packet-based all-IP network, LTE, which cannot support circuit-switched calls.

What is DRX and DRX active period?

During DRX mode, the UE powers down most of its circuitry when there are no packets to be received. During this time UE listens to the downlink (DL) occasionally which is called DRX Active state whereas the time during which UE doesn’t listen PDCCH is called DRX Sleep state.

When to use the t310, t311 timer in 5G?

Upon receiving N311 consecutive in-sync indications from lower layers for the SpCell, upon receiving RRCReconfiguration with reconfigurationWithSync for that cell group, and upon initiating the connection re-establishment procedure. Upon SCG release, if the T310 is kept in SCG.

What are the names of the LTE timers?

This page covers LTE timers which include T300, T301, T303, T304, T305, T310, T311, T320 and T321. >>Stops at the Receipt of RRC connection setup or reject message OR at the cell reselection time OR upon abortion of connection establishment by Higher layers (L2/L3).

When does the T301 timer in LTE expire?

If the timer expires before the UE has received a response in the form of an RRCConnectionSetupor Reject, the UE informs the higher layers and ends the connection procedure. The T301 timer is started when the UE sends an RRCConnectionReestablishmentRequestfollowing a radio link failure.

What to do if the t310 is not kept in MCG?

If the T310 is kept in MCG: If security is not activated: go to RRC_IDLE else: initiate the connection re-establishment procedure. If the T310 is kept in SCG, Inform E-UTRAN/NR about the SCG radio link failure by initiating the SCG failure information procedure as specified in 5.7.3. Selection of a suitable NR cell or a cell using another RAT.