What is the AFI for safety?

AFI 91-301 outlines the Air Force Occupational And Environmental Safety, Fire Protection, and Health (AFOSH) Program. AFI 91-301 applies to all military and civilian personnel whose duties require the use or handling of hazardous materials.

What is af 55?

AF Form 55, Employee Safety and Health Record, is a legal document used in Air Force work centers to document the safety and health training of each employee.

What Air Force directive governs the safety requirements for facilities?

Authority for these standards is derived from AFI 32-1024 and AFMAN 32-1084. They provide guidance for determining space allocations for Air Force facilities and may be used to program new facilities or evaluate existing spaces. Download the AF CATCode Spreadsheet for a complete list of all CATCodes.

What is a JSTO?

Acronym. Definition. JSTO. Joint Science and Technology Office.

What is JSTO Air Force?

A few days earlier, the last Joint Sourcing Training Oversight (JSTO) class completed its mobilization training, departed for their individual home stations and their deployments to Operations New Dawn (OND) and Enduring Freedom (OEF) missions.

What does T 2 mean in AFI?

Table 1.1. Tier Waiver Authorities.

Tier Number May be used in publications at Or,
T-2 Departmental , MAJCOM, and ANG levels only Conformity is needed across the Air Force, but HAF is not needed to be consulted for deviations

What are high-risk activities Air Force?

A high-risk activity is any sport or activity in which an accident could result in serious injury or death. AETC designates bungee jumping, hang gliding, kayaking, motorcycle racing, scuba diving and skydiving as a few activities that are high-risk.

Who is in charge of Air Force Occupational Safety?

In addition, Occupational Safety, in conjunction with the Department of the Air Force inspector general, oversees integration of Air Force safety inspections and policy, as well as integration of risk management processes.

Where can I find Air Force safety information?

Air Force personnel can obtain training information through the Training and Force Development Division webpage, or with a Common Access Card on the Safety University Portal page and the Occupational Safety SharePoint site under training.

What should be included in a policy letter?

Policy letters and OIs can also contain leadership messages from senior officials on issues affecting the Air Force and its members. That means you and those you supervise and support.

What are the policy letters for Ramstein Air Base?

So, let’s begin by familiarizing you with one specific instruction, Equal Opportunity and Treatment, and how our local policies build on the guiding principles of the Department of Defense and Air Force.