What is the Airbus A400M used for?

The A400M operates in many configurations including cargo transport, troop transport, and medical evacuation. It is intended for use on short, soft landing strips and for long-range, cargo transport flights.

What can an A400M carry?

With a maximum payload of up to 37 tonnes (81,600 lb) and a volume of 340 m3(12,000 ft3), the A400M can carry numerous pieces of outsize cargo, including vehicles and helicopters that are too large or too heavy for previous generation tactical airlifters, for example an NH90 or a CH-47 Chinook helicopter or a heavy …

How much does an Airbus A400M cost?

Airbus stated as of 2003 that the A400M unit cost was around $80 million, but the national budget numbers at that time indicated that the unit costs is more likely to be $120 million-$130 million. The aircraft had been due to enter service with air forces in 2009, but this has now been put back to 2013.

Why does the A400M have propellers?

The four 17ft props on the A400m turboprop can move much larger cylinders of air than can the four 6.5ft fans of the c17. This generates much more thrust when static or moving slowly as in takeoff or landing, particularly important on poor fields.

Which countries use A400M?

The A400M programme was formally launched in May 2003, with partner nations Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey and the UK committing to a combined 170 examples, and export buyer Malaysia four.

How much runway does a A400M need?

The aircraft is said to have the capability to land on runways as short as 2,500 feet. The A400M would be crewed by three standard personnel to include up to two pilots and a loadmaster.

Why are propellers still used?

Why are propeller planes still used today? Propeller planes are used for short-haul flights. This can be a 1-hour flight for a weekend break or a military cargo aircraft flying to a service destination. Because of cost-savings and increased efficiency, they are used for short trips.

How many Airbus A400M does the RAF have?

22 aircraft
Atlas at a glance The UK will operate 22 aircraft in total, based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

Is the Airbus A390 real?

Today the French Airplane Manufacturer Airbus revealed their latest project, the A390. The Airbus 390 will come in two variants, one is A390-800 and the other -900.

How big is an Airbus A400M?

Length: 147ft 11in (45.10m) Height: 48ft 2¾in (14.70m) Wingspan: 139ft 1¼in (42.40m) Maximum speed: 400kt (741km/h)

Are propellers better than jets?

Both turboprops and jets are powered by turbine engines, so they are essentially the same thing and thus, are considered to be equally as safe. Because of the drag propellers cause, they actually allow the aircraft to stop much more quickly than a jet.