What is the antonym of slush?

What is the opposite of slush?

antipathy concrete
disbelief disinclination
disinterest dislike
hate hatred
indifference thing

What is the synonym of slush?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for slush. slop, spray, sprinkle, squirt.

What is a antonym for funds?

fund. Antonyms: expenditure, outlay, disbursement. Synonyms: stock, capital, investment.

What is a corporate slush fund?

A slush fund is a fund or account that is not properly accounted, such as money used for corrupt or illegal purposes, especially in the political sphere. Such funds may be kept hidden and maintained separately from money that is used for legitimate purposes.

What is the meaning of slushies?

: a drink made of flavored ice crystals a lemon slushy For breakfast this morning she had a frozen strawberry slushie.—

What does sludgy mean?

/ˈslʌdʒ.i/ soft, wet, and very thick: a thick, sludgy pudding. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Thick, dense and heavy.

What is the synonym of fund?

Find another word for fund. In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fund, like: reserve, supply, accumulation, capital, support, back, endow, deposit, capitalize, put up money for and endowment.

What do you call slush fund?

What is another word for slush fund?

graft hush money
boodle inducement

What is meant by slush funds?

A slush fund is a sum of money that is set aside as a reserve. In accounting, a slush fund is a general ledger account of commingled funds that does not have a designated purpose. In more sinister cases, a slush fund may be used as a “black fund,” which is unaccounted for and kept off the books.

What is the plural of slush?

slush (usually uncountable, plural slushes) Half-melted snow or ice.

Is sludgy a word?

Of, relating to, or covered with slime: miry, mucky, oozy, slimy, slushy.