What is the Artisan hotel known for?

The Artisan is a Las Vegas non-gaming hotel boutique and ultra-lounge. Its 64 rooms are covered from floor to ceiling with eclectic art and reproductions of world-famous paintings.

Is the artisan Las Vegas Open?

Open 24/7! The ARTISAN LOUNGE was voted Las Vegas’ #1 Afterhours Lounge! ARTISAN LOUNGE also features enticing happy hour specials. The bar provides in-room and pool service.

How many rooms does the Artisan hotel have?

Artisan Hotel Boutique/Number of Rooms

Who owns the Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas?

The Siegel Group
Artisan Hotel Boutique/Owners
Now owned by The Siegel Group, The Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas has completed a six-month renovation of its entire property, including its guestrooms and pool. The hotel has also launched an all-new restaurant called Mood. Artisan is a 62-room, two-suite non-gaming boutique hotel filled with eclectic art and decor.

How old is the Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas?

42c. 1979
Artisan Hotel Boutique/Age

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Top 10 Artisans of The World

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Where is the artisan Hotel in Las Vegas?

1501 W. Sahara Ave. | Las Vegas, NV 89102 | 702-214-4000 | Email: [email protected] VALET PARKING – WIFI – ALWAYS FREE Whether a weekday Las Vegas convention visitor or Vegas weekend partier, when you experience the ARTISAN hotel’s gothic art-filled lobby, suites, restaurant, bar and pool, you are transported to another world!

Is there valet service at the artisan hotel?

Whether a weekday Las Vegas convention visitor or Vegas weekend partier, when you experience the ARTISAN hotel’s gothic art-filled lobby, suites, restaurant, bar and pool, you are transported to another world! Please note, our complimentary Valet services are currently suspended.

How many floors is the artisan hotel boutique?

Start your review of Artisan Hotel Boutique. Upon entering The Artisan, an archive of baroque, neoclassical, post-impressionist, and early-high renaissance paintings loom overhead, filling the space of the five floors (?) both physically and optically.

How old do you have to be to stay at the artisan hotel?

Artisan’s standard $17.95 resort fee & $3.95 daily energy surcharge applies. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this promotion and stay at the Artisan Boutique Hotel. 21+ to party at Artisan Afterhours.