What is the authors message in The Wednesday Wars?

Gary Schmidt’s main message in The Wednesday Wars is to show that personal growth develops as a consequence of defeat, just as Holling grew from defeat.

What happened in chapter November in Wednesday wars?

November arrives with gray skies and rain. Holling and his dad prep the Perfect House for winter, and Holling’s mother discovers a leak in the ceiling of the Perfect Living Room. When Holling’s dad touches the ceiling to inspect it, part of the ceiling falls down on his face.

What is the author’s purpose for writing Wednesday wars?

One of the author’s points in writing The Wednesday Wars is to show the power of love and friendship. While Holling Hoodhood, the protagonist, originally thinks his teacher, Mrs. Baker, is out to get him, he realizes over time that she cares for him and that they have a friendship appropriate for a student and teacher.

What is the summary of December in Wednesday wars?

In “December”, Holling and his friends learn that everyone will soon be taking the Standardized Achievement Tests. The school is decorated for the holidays with a combination of Jewish and Christian symbols, but Mrs. Baker refuses to put anything up in the classroom.

What is the main theme of The Wednesday Wars?

The primary theme of The Wednesday Wars is the coming of age of young Holling Hoodhood. A Presbyterian boy surrounded by a town of Catholics and Jewish people, Holling knows he is different but doesn’t understand the larger picture of the world around him.

How did the book Wednesday wars end?

By the end of the story, Holling has gained confidence in himself, and he is able to stand up to his father, who unlike Holling, believes that the most important things in life were business and social position.

What happens to Mrs Bigio’s husband?

Her husband, a soldier in Vietnam, dies in November. Holling witnesses Mrs. Bigio’s grief when she seeks out Mrs. Bigio struggles with her grief for months.

What does pied ninny mean in the Wednesday wars?

Doug’s brother heard him and wanted to know the meaning of “pied ninny”. Holling gave him some lame answer about eating too much pie. “Pied ninny” really means fool.

What is the main idea of The Wednesday Wars?

The main themes in The Wednesday Wars include transformation, the power of literature, and love and friendship. Transformation: The Wednesday Wars is Holling coming-of age-story. In the course of a year, his sister runs away, his father loses a big contract, and Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated.

What is the point of view in Wednesday wars?

The point of view in The Wednesday Wars is first person. This point of view is necessary, in that the novel focuses on the coming of age of the main character, Holling Hoodhood.

Who dies in Wednesday wars?

One afternoon, as Holling and Meryl Lee do homework together, they learn that Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. The next day is Opening Day at the Yankee Stadium.

What is Mrs Baker’s position in the Long Island Shakespeare Company?

Mrs. Baker is in charge of bringing the cream puffs to an event later on in the afternoon. She asks Holling to bring them up to the classroom to cool instead of going outside for recess. Everyone threatens Holling that he better not get a cream puff.

What is the summary of Wednesday Wars?

The Wednesday Wars, by Gary Schmidt , is a young adult novel set over the course of a school year between 1967 and 1968. The novel follows the fortunes of Holling Hoodhood, a seventh grade student in Long Island, as he struggles with issues of identity, authority and love. Holling is the only Presbyterian student in…

What is the plot of the Wednesday Wars?

The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt is a coming of age story about a young man, Holling Hoodhood, who learns over the course of his seventh grade year that there is more to life than what he sees in his own world. With the help of a strict but caring teacher, Mrs.

What is the problem to the Wednesday Wars?

There are a number of problems in The Wednesday Wars. Arguably the central problem is that the main character, Holling Hoodhood, has not yet reached maturity. As such, he is completely self-absorbed and passive, unable to see things from any point of view but his own, and incapable of effecting any control over his life.

Who are the characters in the Wednesday Wars?

Holling is the main character in Wednesday Wars. He is twelve years old and attends Camillo Junoir High in the school year 1967-1968. He deals with the challenges of this period of change; race issues, the Vietnam War, the normal death threats associated with being a seventh grader, and Shakespeare.