What is the best seed for Minecraft on Xbox one?

Best Minecraft Seeds to play in 2021

  • A Dungeon, But Underwater.
  • The Walking Dead Season 2. Seed: 3259165.
  • The World’s Biggest Village. Seed: 1388582293.
  • Shipwreck on Land. Seed: -244885508.
  • Broken Shaft. Seed: 401598415.
  • Balanced Survival Spawn. Seed: 1739530041.
  • Deep Sea Diving. Seed: 2104241268.
  • Easy Stronghold. Seed: -200889213.

What is the biggest city in Minecraft?

the city of Greenfield
Now, we welcome you to the city of Greenfield, which is the largest city on Minecraft and its construction dates back to August 2011.

How do you enter a seed in Minecraft Xbox one?

To use a seed, create a new world and go to world options- enter the seed exactly as you see it. If you are playing and want to know what the world seed of your world is, type in /seed. This is a place for IGN users to post cool Minecraft world seeds.

Where are the big city seeds in Minecraft?

This particular Minecraft seed map uses the Dokucraft texture mod. Ruggle City represents an entire complex of medieval structures located around a water reservoir. It includes several smaller castles on top of the hills with balconies and one massive Ruggle castle in the center.

Are there any Minecraft seeds for Xbox One?

Now that Minecraft is out on Xbox One’s Game Pass, there’s no better time to jump in and start messing around with all of the unique experiences that the game has to offer. 1. Every Biome, Seed #-2878103199665976685

How do you make a city in Minecraft?

Insert ‘4179’ into the Minecraft seed function to explore this spanning world. Mushroom forests as far as the eye can see. Perfect food supplies. Most people’s first thought for a city project isn’t to start in a mushroom biome. However, it is Minecraft, which means taking some chances is almost a requirement to enjoy the indie game.

What can you do with a Minecraft seed?

Every Biome, Seed #-2878103199665976685 If you want a straightforward experience, this seed gives you access to every biome in the game. You’ll find plentiful amounts of lava flows, snowfields, mushroom islands and plenty more. It may not have a particular gimmick, but this one can give you a true Minecraft experience.