What is the best succession law ck2?

The best succession law, hands down, is Patrician Seniority. Then, Feudal Elective when you are the sole elector.

How do you change succession laws in Crusader Kings 2?

In order to change the succession law to Primogeniture a ruler needs to meet the following conditions:

  1. Has not previously changed the succession law.
  2. Has reigned for at least 10 years.
  3. Is at peace.
  4. No regency.
  5. No vassals are fighting each other.
  6. No vassal of count rank or higher has a negative opinion of the ruler.

How does succession work in ck2?

Succession is the distribution of a ruler’s titles upon their death based on succession and gender laws of each title. Crusader Kings II, as it determines which character the player controls as the heir to the primary title. It also affects the vassals and dynasty members’ opinion toward the player.

How do I choose my heir in Crusader Kings 2?

By election With a succession law that features succession voting, such as Feudal elective, you can nominate your favorite dynasty member to succeed you. If your vassals trust your judgment and think your nominee will be a good ruler, they will likely vote for your candidate.

Is Tanistry elective good?

For most cases, Tanistry is the superior version of elective (risk of your dynasty losing its authority is the risk that ain’t as present here). Also, it would be a waste to not use the law when only the Celts cane have it. You won’t be able to play with it in non-Celtic playthroughs so use the opportunity.

What is Tanistry ck2?

Tanistry is a rare succession method available only to non-Muslim characters who are also either Celtic-cultured or. have either the Blood of Brian or Blood of Niall ‘of the Nine Hostages’ bloodlines. In Tanistry, the heir is chosen from the ruler’s dynasty by a realm-wide election.

How do I change succession laws ck3?

Once you have the required crown authority, you find succession laws in the same realm panel. Open it, and select the Succession tab. Here you’ll find buttons for changing both succession and gender laws, and clicking those will pull up a panel where you can look at the requirements for changing them.

How do you increase Crown authority?

Crown authority can be increased by a ruler so long as his realm vote it through, this can be done multiple times supposing a ruler deem it worth the long wait in between. Further, each step of crown authority gives the king privileges.

How do you deal with vassal inheritance warning?

To keep those holdings in your kingdom you’ll most likely have to revoke them or imprison/banish the current holders, either of which you can do a lot of at once. You could also poke around and do some assassinating of the heirs until you’re in line for it, or at least until they won’t be inherited out of your kingdom.

Should I disinherit my child ck3?

Diainheriting an heir should lead to massive succession challenges for the new heir. Vassals should be likely to support the legitimate heir and want to return him to throne.

Can I change my player heir?

What is the law of Tanistry?

: an early Irish law of succession by which the heir or successor of a chief or king is appointed during the lifetime of the reigning chief, is not necessarily his oldest son, is generally the worthiest and wisest of the male relatives of the chief, and is elected by the people from among the eligible candidates but …

What are the succession laws in Crusader Kings II?

Every title in Crusader Kings II has associated succession laws. If a ruler holds multiple titles, the succession laws of the highest ranked realm apply. If a ruler of, for example, king rank has multiple kingdom titles, the succession laws of each kingdom will apply for that kingdom, and the de jure territory of that kingdom.

How does ultimogeniture work in Crusader Kings 2?

Ultimogeniture is a succession law where the youngest child (based on gender law) inherits all titles. Easily accessible as only Limited crown authority is required. With the Conclave DLC activated, it requires Late Feudal Administration.

What’s the best succession law for a king?

Premature deaths are not that common and I can usually plan to have a non-insane kid in 16-30 age range when I die. Second place is elective when you are a king and have only one duke. Third place is primogeniture while being Byzantine emperor. They all suck really.

Which is better Crusader Kings or primogeniture?

Arguably better than primogeniture, as the player can stop having children once they get a desired heir. Succession at young age shifts more control over from AI to you. You are much less likely to suddenly end up in control of an excommunicated maimed kin-slaying drunkard of a heretical religion.