What is the best used 2 berth caravan to buy?

5 best 2-berth caravans

  • Adria Action. MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass): 1,100kg. The futuristic-looking Adria Action is a great place to start.
  • Lunar Stellar. MTPLM: 1,175kg.
  • Swift Challenger 480. MTPLM: 1,394kg.
  • Bailey Unicorn Seville. MTPLM: 1,322kg.
  • Coachman VIP 460.

What size is a 2 berth caravan?

Berths 2
Overall Width 2.19m 7’2″
Overall Height 2.58m 8’6″
Internal Headroom 1.90m 6’3″
Awning Size (gd to gd) 892cm

What is the shortest caravan with a fixed bed?

Bailey Phoenix 440
The Bailey Phoenix 440 is one of the smallest, lightest fixed-bed caravans you can buy.

What weight is a 2 berth?

So exactly how much do caravans weigh? Smaller 2 and 4 berth Caravans tend to weigh between 800kg and 1300kg and larger 4 to 6 berth caravans typically between 1300kg and 1800kg and beyond, but this varies depending on manufacturer and age.

Do second hand caravans hold their value?

Caravans depreciate, and mainly when they are ‘nearly-new’. That’s good for you now because you can buy a used caravan but nearly-new caravan for less. And, also, because if you’ve bought well and you look after it, the price you get for it may not drop massively compared to when you bought it.

What is the best time of year to buy a caravan?

The best time to buy a brand-new caravan is in the winter. This is when dealerships secure fewer sales and may be willing to do a better deal. Spring is the time least recommended to buy new. Normally in the summer months, there are more second-hand caravans available.

What is the narrowest 2 berth caravan?

A compact 2 berth with a great low MTPLM of 950kg. The multi-award winning Ariva has the narrowest and one of the lightest bodies of its rivals while also being the most luxurious. The Ariva features spacious 6’1″ long front seating with ‘Easy Action’ slide out bed bases.

Is a 2 berth caravan big enough?

If you’re travelling on your own or in a couple, a 2 berth caravan could be ideal for you. It will have everything you need, but will also be compact, light and easy to tow.

Which caravans are lightweight?

Lightweight Caravans Under 750kg

  • Freedom Caravans.
  • Freedom Jetstream Twin Sport.
  • Freedom Sunseeker.
  • Freedom Microlite Discovery LE.

Do I need a towing Licence for a caravan?

There is no such thing as a ‘trailer licence’ per se but dependent on the weight of the load you are towing you might need to take an additional category driving test. From 19 January 2013 drivers passing a category B (car and small vehicle) test can tow: Small trailers weighing no more than 750kg.

What are the pitfalls of owning a static caravan?

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a Static Caravan

  • Assuming Caravan Parks Are the Same.
  • Neglecting to Check Park Rules.
  • Not Reading the Terms and Conditions.
  • Assuming that Letting Your Caravan is an Option.
  • Forgetting to Consider All of the Costs.
  • Caravan Age Limits.

Which is the best lightweight 2 berth caravan?

If you’re looking for a lightweight caravan for you and a partner, these caravans are perfect. These caravans are the best lightweight 2 berth caravans under 1,300kg available: Here’s why these two units are the best lightweight 2 berth caravans available. The spacious seating area in the Discovery D4-2, which also converts into a large double bed.

How many people can sleep in a 2 berth caravan?

At a push, this caravan could be stretched to sleep four, with that L-shaped lounge converting to two single beds, but this would be more of an occasional solution, and small families would be better looking at larger 4 berth models. The washroom is also a little on the small side for more than two people.

Which is the best lightweight 2 berth tourer?

The Lunar Venus 460/2 is a beautiful caravan that’s not only lightweight, but also has a number of brilliant features that sets it apart from other lightweight 2 berth tourers. The Venus 460/2 has a MiRO of just 1031kg, but you don’t get the impression features and facilities have been cut to bring the weight down.

Which is the best caravan with a fixed double bed?

Large fixed double bed: A feature that really sets this caravan apart is the spacious fixed double bed. Most small caravans don’t have a fixed double due to the obvious space limitations. However, Bailey have managed to fit a sizeable double into the Pegasus Modena without the rest of the caravan feeling too small as a result.