What is the BK terminal on Trane furnace?

What is it: The BK terminal has the ability to control blower speed based on a pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal over standard thermostat wiring.

What is BK thermostat?

Bk wire is for dehumidification. On trane’s thermostat it will lower the fan speed by 30% when the temperature is getting closer to the set point but the humidity level has not reached the humidity set point. Nest won’t support this feature, so cap it and push the wire in the wall.

What is the X2 wire on a Trane thermostat?

X2=emergancy heat(black)This is interconnected to the outdoor unit also to bring on heat strips during defrost. W=2nd stage heat(white)This will more than likely be your W2 designation on new t’stat.

What do the colored wires on my thermostat mean?

Rh stands for Red-Heat and Rc stands for Red-Cool. If you only have a single red wire the jumper between Rh and Rc are required for some heating and cooling hybrid systems depending on your thermostat. Yellow/Y is the AC compressor. White/W is the Heating element. Green/G runs the fan.

What is a PWM enabled thermostat?

A PWM thermostat operates for longer or shorter on times each cycle based on the degree of error in the actual temperature. A PWM thermostat allows heat to be applied to the system even if it is overheated by less than half the differential. This is done in order to maintain the thermal momentum of the heating system.

Do Nest thermostats work with Trane?

The Nest is compatible with about 95% of all heating and air conditioning systems on the market. Trane’s ComfortLink II can also control just about any HVAC system’s temperature, but to get the most out of it, you’ll want to hook it up to compatible Trane products.

What is the Rh wire on a thermostat?

The Rh wire connects to your heating system as opposed to your cooling system. This wire may be red without an H attached to it, depending on if you have a dual transformer setup. The Rh wire connects to the RH terminal on your thermostat.

What is X2 terminal?

X2 – Emergency Heat. O – Switches the heat pump from cooling to heating. G – Fan. Y – Compressor in both heating and cooling. T – Outdoor temperature compensating thermostat sensor.

What is W1 on Trane thermostat?

W1 – Means first-stage heat. In a heat pump, first-stage heat is the same as the first-stage cool. Whether that is heat or cool is actually dictated by whether or not the O/B terminal is energized. That is why, on many old thermostats, you would jumper Y1 and W1 in a heat pump application. W2 – Means second-stage heat.

What is Rh on a thermostat?

RH: The RH terminal is the 24-volt heating power supply. When the thermostat calls for heat, a signal is sent to power up the furnace and the blower fan or the boiler, heating your home. Y1: The Y1 terminal is used for the compressor contact in a single-stage heat pump installation.