What is the definition canon?

1 plural usually cannon. a : a large, heavy gun usually mounted on a carriage. b : a heavy-caliber automatic aircraft gun firing explosive shells. c : any device for propelling a substance or object at high speeds an air cannon a T-shirt cannon — see also water cannon.

What is in the canon?

A “canon” is a list of books considered to be “essential”, and it can be published as a collection (such as Great Books of the Western World, Modern Library, Everyman’s Library, or Penguin Classics), presented as a list with an academic’s imprimatur (such as Harold Bloom’s,) or be the official reading list of a …

What does canon mean in terms of music?

Canon, musical form and compositional technique, based on the principle of strict imitation, in which an initial melody is imitated at a specified time interval by one or more parts, either at the unison (i.e., the same pitch) or at some other pitch.

What’s the best way to write canon music?

It can be tricky to get the parts to interweave effectively. My advice is to start with a leader melody that is fairly simple and try delaying the entry of the 1st follower line by about 2 bars. This should give you a good start to writing music in Canon Form.

What kind of Canon do you use for a choir?

Palchelbel’s canon is a simple canon (or round) in 3 voices with an additional Ground Bass accompaniment. Canon Form can be a very useful tool for composing. I have used it on various occasions when writing music for choirs.

When did the canon of Western music appear?

…in Western polyphony is the canon, in which each successive voice (the term for a musical line that is sung or played) has the same melody. Canon s appeared in the 13th century and have been an important resource in Western counterpoint to the present day. (Folk music includes many examples…