What is the difference between 205 75 R15 and 205 70 R15?

There is only a slight difference between 205/70-15 tires and 205/75-15 tires. A 205/70-15 will be 8 inches wide and 26.3 inches tall. A 205/75-15 will be 8 inches wide and 27.3 inches tall. We have a few tires in this size.

Will 205 70r15 fit 195 65r15?

Gutty96 wrote: Yes they could be mounted on the same rim, but the 205/70 will be much taller, it will throw off the speedometer too much to use. Also, being taller, they likely won’t fit the wheel well, and probably will rub when turning to full lock.

How wide is a 65 R tire?

Tire Size Calculator for 205-75R15, 215-65R15 – Tire & Wheel Plus Sizing

Imperial Metric
Section Width: 8.07 in 205.00 mm
Rim Diameter: 15 in 381 mm
Rim Width Range: 5 – 7.5 in
Overall Diameter: 27.11 in 688.50 mm

What does the 15 mean on the side of a tire size 205 70 R 15?

The “15” indicates that this particular tire would fit a rim with a 15-inch diameter.

What is the diameter of a 205 70 R15 tire?

205/70 R15 tires diameter is 26.3 inches, section width is 8.1 inches and rim diameter is 15 inches. So the closest metric tire size of 205/70R15 existing size in inches is 27×9.

What is the circumference of a 205 70 R15?

82.62 in
Tire Size Calculator – Tire & Wheel Plus Sizing BETA

Unit: Imperial Imperial Metric
Radius 13.15 in
Circumference 82.62 in
Revs per Mile 790.90 /ml
Actual Speed 62.14 mph

Can I use 65 instead of 70 tires?

The higher the aspect ratio number, the taller the tire will be. Both 65 and 70 series tires can be categorized as all-season passenger tires, which generally have aspect ratios between 65 and 80, but a series 65 tire will give better response while a series 70 tire will offer a better, more comfortable ride.

How wide is 205 70 15?

How wide is a 205 65 R15 tire?

Tire calculator

Parameter Old New
Overall diameter: 635 mm 648 mm
Section width 195 mm 205 mm
Circumference 1993 mm 2034 mm
Sidewall height 127 mm 133 mm

What is the difference between R15 and R16 tires?

What is the difference between R15 and R16 tires? For example you want a 16-inch wheel in place of the 15-inch 275/75 R15 tire with the same width (275 mm). Thus, a tire 275/70 R16 tire on a 16 inch rim would give you the same ground clearence as a 275/75 R15 tire on a 15 inch wheel rim.

What is the PSI for 205 70 R15?

26 PSI
Tyre Pressure results for : Honda Cr-V

Front Tyre Size Front Tyre Pressure Rear Tyre Pressure
205/70/R15 T 95 26 PSI / 1.8 BAR 26 PSI / 1.8 BAR