What is the difference between luster dust and petal dust?

The main difference between Luster Dust and Petal Dust is that Luster Dust adds a subtle color with a nice sheen and slight sparkle effect. Petal Dust give a deeper tone with a matte finish great for realistic details especially with gumpaste sugar flowers.

What can petal dust be used for?

Petal dust is often used to decorate gum paste flowers because the matte appearance gives them a natural look. Pearl dust imparts a sparkly, pearlescent finish with just a touch of color. It is translucent and can be mixed with petal dust to give decorations shimmer and sparkle without adding much color.

How do you use edible petal dust?

The edible dust sticks well to fondant and gum paste. It can be used to add a hint of color and glittery highlight to frostings and icings. Use it dry, mix it with other colors, or brush it on with alcohol-based liquids like flavored extracts. Make life sweeter and your desserts shimmer with the design!

Can I use tequila for luster dust?

The first time, I used tequila (clear), because it was all I had on hand. I’ve used it with vodka as well. Both worked just fine.

How do you make homemade petal dust?

All you need is a little powdered sugar (10 x’s Confectioners Sugar) and a few drops of food gel color. There isn’t an exact recipe because you can make it any shade or amount you want. I started with a few spoonfuls of powdered sugar and added some red food gel color and mixed it in the coffee grinder.

Is Petal Crafts luster dust edible?

In general, Luster dust is not edible. As a whole, its ingredients are not printed on the label and/or it is labeled as non-toxic.

Can I use vanilla extract with luster dust?

Mix luster dust with a small bowl of vanilla extract. The gold dust cannot be mixed with water or directly into the icing. Paint the gold mixture directly onto the icing on your pastry, cake or other baked goods.

How do you make dust color?


  1. 1 cup corn starch.
  2. 1/3 – 1/2 cup water.
  3. 1 container icing color 1 ounce. I used Wilton icing colors, but any food dye can work well.
  4. mixing bowl.
  5. latex gloves.
  6. blender or food processor.

Can you make edible luster dust?

You want to start by placing 1/8 tablespoon of food coloring in each bowl. Mix in 2 tablespoons of vodka and use the flat paintbrush to remove all the clumps. Some people swear by confectioners sugar, I have played around with this recipe for years and the cornstarch provides a much brighter color. …