What is the fastest way to unlock characters in Castle Crashers?

The player must quit to the Main Menu, start the game again, and defeat the final boss a second time to unlock a skull and/or character. Beating the final level the first time unlocks the level; the second time the skull and/or character.

What are all the secrets in Castle Crashers?

Castle Crashers Cheats

  • The Beholder:Increases magic.
  • Bipolar Bear: Mauls friend and foe who are near death.
  • Bitey Bat: Noms on the enemy’s head.
  • Burly Bear: Increases strength.
  • The Cardinal: Helps find hidden objects(such as weapons, items, etc.)
  • Chicken: Increases strength, defense,and agility.

How do you get the key sword in Castle Crashers remastered?

The Key Sword is found only by the Cardinal Animal Orb, in the Full Moon level just after the 3rd set of 1 Beefy and 2 regular Stove Face enemies. The location is in the shack after traveling along the accessible area during the massive Stove Face army fight. The Key Sword also has another use to it.

How do you get the glitch sword in Castle Crashers remastered?

Found in. The Glitch Sword is a weapon that cannot be obtained normally in the game Castle Crashers. Obtaining this sword required an illegitimate save where you had every weapon unlocked, even the unobtainable ones such as the Horn or the Map.

How do you unlock the golden lock in Castle Crashers?

In Blacksmith, by moving to the Animal Ark’s far left end, there will be a door with a golden padlock that requires using the Key Sword to open. As long as the weapon is in your hands, you can shoot your Bow and Arrow, use your Shovel or Horn up against the door, or, swing the weapon, and the door will unlock.

How do you unlock the King in Castle Crashers?

The King and the Open Faced Gray Knight characters can only be unlocked by purchasing the “King” DLC pack on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 160MS points. The Necromancer and the Cult Minion characters can only be unlocked by purchasing the “Necromantic” DLC pack on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 160MS points.

How to beat Castle Crashers on Xbox 360?

Entering will begin Insane Mode, a much tougher version of the original game. Beat the game once with any character. Contributed By: The_Indifferent. Have the full game of Alien Hominid HD on your Xbox 360 HDD and get at least one achievement in it. Beat the game with Skeleton. Complete the “Volcano Arena”. Defeat the Barbarian Boss.

How to unlock all the characters in Castle Crashers?

Unlocking All Additional Characters Unlockable How to Unlock Alien Hominid Beat the “Alien Ship” level Barbarian Beat the “King’s Arena” level solo Bear Beat the game as the Skeleton Beekeeper Beat the game as the Barbarian

Where are the X’s in Castle Crashers Remastered?

Insane Store – Purchased for 1,100 gold. Marsh – Halfway through the first graveyard is an X directly in front of an open crypt, just before the wall goes back and the area widens. Dig it up. Desert – Look for X shapes on the sand (or have Pazzo as your animal to show you where), it is one of the last X’s before the end of the level.

How to catch Cyclops in Castle Crashers Remastered?

Stand underneath him, hold RT and press A to do a magic-boosted jump or jump and press X, X, Y. Marsh – Towards the end, he is right out in the open so you can’t miss him. Cyclops’ Fortress – Bomb the cracked wall in the very first room three times.