What is the Flipi score?

Briefly, the FL International Prognostic Index (FLIPI) score was designed by studying clinical characteristics of 1795 newly diagnosed cases of FL between 1985 and 1992 across 27 different cancer centers.

What is M7 Flipi?

The M7-FLIPI incorporates the FLIPI score, mutational status from 7 genes (EZH2, ARID1A, MEF2B, EP300, FOXO1, CREBBP and CARD11), and performance status to stratify patients into low- and high-risk categories according to 5-year failure-free survival after frontline chemoimmunotherapy.

What is the prognosis for follicular lymphoma?

The five-year survival rate for follicular lymphoma is between 80 and 90 percent, which means at least 80 to 90 percent of patients diagnosed with follicular lymphoma can live for at least five years after the diagnosis. Half of the patients diagnosed with this type of cancer can live for approximately 10 to 12 years.

What is Flipi?

Estimates overall survival based on clinical information. FLIPI is designed to be used in patients with follicular lymphoma and to risk stratify patients based on prognosis. This can help guide when and how to treat such patients.

What is follicular lymphoma?

Follicular lymphoma is a form of cancer. It is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), which is a group of related cancers that affect the lymphatic system (lymphomas). The lymphatic system functions as part of the immune system and helps to protect the body against infection and disease.

What is the GELF criteria?

Patients must meet ≥1 of the following criteria to be considered “high” tumour burden according to GELF: any tumour mass >7 cm; ≥ 3 nodal sites (each >3 cm); B symptoms; splenomegaly; compression syndrome; pleural/peritoneal effusion; leukemic phase or cytopenias.

Why did I get follicular lymphoma?

Doctors don’t know what causes follicular and other non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. Unlike some cancers, they are not passed down in families. In some cases, radiation or cancer-causing chemicals, or certain infections, may be a cause. But other times there is no known cause.

Is follicular lymphoma serious?

Follicular lymphoma is usually not considered to be curable, but more of a chronic disease. Patients can live for many years with this form of lymphoma.

What is GELF format?

The Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF) is a uniquely convenient log format created to deal with all the shortcomings of classic plain Syslog. This enterprise feature allows you to collect structured events from anywhere, and then compress and chunk them in the blink of an eye.

What are B symptoms?

The term “B symptoms” is used to refer to fever, drenching night sweats and loss of more than 10 percent of body weight over 6 months. B symptoms are significant to the prognosis and staging of the disease.

What is the Flipi 2 for follicular lymphoma?

The Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index-2 (FLIPI2) derives from a multivariate analysis of survival of 832 patients receiving first treatment for follicular lymphoma between 2003 and 2005, followed-up for a median of 38 months.

What are the prognostic factors for follicular lymphoma?

Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index (FLIPI) and FLIPI-2. The Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index (FLIPI) was developed prior to the routine use of rituximab and identified five risk factors: age, stage, lactate dehydrogenase, hemoglobin, and number of involved lymph nodes sites.

What does Flipi stand for in medical category?

FLIPI is the acronym from Follicular Lymphoma International Prognostic Index which is the result of research on 4,167 patient collected data. The study took place during 1985 and 1992 on patients diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and treated with a range of chemotherapy drugs, excluding rituximab.

What do you need to know about the Flipi score?

The FLIPI score is easy to use with information most providers will already have available. Clinical evaluation, laboratory testing, and imaging are all that is needed to risk stratify patients and estimate prognosis. See Evidence for nodal diagram.