What is the formula for pump?

Fluid Power Formulas

Pump Displacement – CIPR Displacement (In.3 / rev.) = Flow Rate (GPM) × 231 / Pump RPM CIPR = GPM × 231 / RPM
Pump Torque – T Torque = Horsepower × 63025 / RPM T = 63025 × HP / RPM
Torque = Pressure (PSIG) × Pump Displacement (CIPR) / 2? T = P × CIPR / 6.28

How do you calculate the flow rate of a water pump?

Submersible pump flow calculation formula: 60HZ flow × 0.83 = 50HZ flow 60HZ lift × 0.69 = 50HZ lift 60HZ power ÷ 1.728 = 50HZ motor power motor output power = Q (flow) × H (head) / 367.2 / efficiency × 1.15 motor output power = shaft power × 1.15 pump efficiency = Q × H × 0.00272 / motor power Q represents flow; H …

How do you calculate the speed of a centrifugal pump?

Example – Specific Speed for a Pump with different units

  1. US gpm, ft. Ns(US gpm, ft) = (1760 rev/min) (1500 gal/min)1/2 / (100 ft)3/4
  2. British gpm, ft. Ns(British gpm, ft) = (1760 rev/min) (1249 gal/min)1/2 / (100 ft)3/4
  3. m3/h, m. Ns(m3/h, m) = (1760 rev/min) (340 m3/h)1/2 / (30.5 m)3/4
  4. liter/min, m.

What is pump speed?

Rotational speed (also called speed, or speed of rotation) can be quantified as the number of revolutions a rotating system makes within a defined period of time. The unit used for rotational speed is s–1 (rev/s); pump speed is generally given in min–1 (rpm). The unit is rad/s.

What is flow rate of pump?

The flow rate (Q) of a centrifugal pump is the useful volume flow delivered by the pump via its outlet cross-section (see Pump discharge nozzle). The unit of the flow rate is m3/s; in centrifugal pump engineering the units m3/h and l/sare more common. …

Why specific speed is dimensionless?

The specific speed Ns is a dimensionless coefficient following from similarity considerations that describes all operating conditions (Q, N, H) that can be obtained by similar flow conditions in geometrically similar pumps. A change in flow conditions or the geometry of the pump is then required.

When the speed of a centrifugal pump is doubled?

As can be seen from the above laws, doubling the speed of the centrifugal pump will increase the power consumption by 8 times. Conversely a small reduction in speed will result in drastic reduction in power consumption.

What is the specific speed of a pump?

Nq is also defined as the theoretical rotational speed at which a geometrically similar impeller would run if it were of such a size as to produce 1 m of head at a flow rate of 1 m3/sec at the best efficiency point.

How to calculate the pressure of a pump?

To calculate the new pump head pressure from an increase or decrease in pump speed RPM, the following formula and calculation can be used. To calculate the new pump head pressure from an increase or decrease in flow rate, the following formula and calculation can be used.

Which is the best formula for pump power?

In this article discussed about pump basic formulas with examples like pump power calculation formula, specific speed of centrifugal pump and affinity laws for centrifugal and displacement pumps. Also provided online calculator for pump power calculation

How are pump calculations performed in imperial units?

In this article we learn how to perform pump calculations in both imperial and metric units to assess pumping performance following the change of flow rate, pump speed, head pressure and power. These formulas are common practice rules of thumb and provide theoretical values to which actual values will likely differ.