What is the hay scale?

The Hay Method of Job Evaluation measures jobs by assessing three distinct factors – the knowledge needed to do the job, the problem solving/thinking required by the job and the extent to which the job is accountable, within procedure, policy and managerial control/supervision, for achieving its objectives through the …

What does my hay grade mean?

Hay Salary Grade means the salary grade or points assigned to a Participant by the Company pursuant to the Hay Salary System, or any successor salary system subsequently adopted by the Company. Sample 1.

What is the Hay Point method?

The Hay Group Chart Profile method of job evaluation is used worldwide because it can be used to measure any type of position in any organization, regardless of industry. An evaluation conducted pursuant to the Hay method assigns points for three primary job components: know-how, problem solving and accountability.

How does the hay grading system work?

The HAY system operates by providing a number of “job units” – the score- for the job, which is then matched against the grading structure to determine the grade. There are a number of points that must be remembered. It measures job size, not post holders. What an individual might bring to the job is not relevant.

What does Hay Group do?

Hay Group is a global management consulting firm that works with leaders to transform strategy into reality. Hay Group develops talent, organise people to be more effective and motivate them to perform at their best. The focus is on making change happen and helping people and organisations realise their potential.

What is a hay panel?

The Hay method is a well tried and tested Job Evaluation scheme. The Hay scheme measures the size of a job in ‘job units’ – i.e. the score for the job. This is matched against an agreed grade structure to determine the job grade.

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What is the ranking method of job evaluation?

Ranking Method is the simplest form of job evaluation method. The method involves ranking each job relative to all other jobs, usually based on some overall factor like ‘job difficulty’. Each job as a whole is compared with other and this comparison of jobs goes on until all the jobs have been evaluated and ranked.

What does Korn Ferry Hay Group do?

Enabling people and organizations to exceed their potential Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm. We work with our clients to design optimal organization structures, roles, and responsibilities.

Does Korn Ferry own hay?

Leading executive search firm Korn Ferry announced Dec. 1, 2015, that it has completed its acquisition of global HR consultancy Hay Group.

How do you evaluate a job?

Job evaluations differ from employee evaluations.

  1. Write a concise and logical job description.
  2. Evaluate employee contributions across the jobs in the company.
  3. Assess the experience and skills necessary to perform each job in the company.
  4. Evaluate jobs based on multiple relevant factors.

When was the Hay guide chart profile developed?

The step difference which has produced the most consistent and sensible results is 15 percent; this is common to all applications of the Guide Chart Profile Method.” Source: Hay Group. The Hay Group Guide Chart Profile method of job evaluation was developed in the early 1950s by Edward N. Hay and Dale Purves.

How does job evaluation work in Hay Group?

Hay Group Confessions. “Job evaluation is about the relative size of jobs. It establishes the relative importance of jobs to the organization and the relative difficulty of jobs to the job holders. It is a process which involves the exercise of judgement in identifying and assessing differences in value between jobs.

What are the advantages of the Hay Group method?

Advantages with the Hay Group method of evaluation Based on a credible, simple and coherent model of the characteristics of different levels of work Sensitive in measuring job differences Enables comparison of dissimilar jobs Provides an analytical method which, in principle, satisfies equal value law

What’s the purpose of the short profile in Hay?

Purpose of Short Profile In the Hay job evaluation methodology, the short profile is used as quality assurance (quality control) checks. It is also called the Profile Check. It helps job evaluators review as to whether they have develop the right “configuration”, “relative contribution”, or profile for the job being evaluated.